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In order of priority

“Comicsgate is the latest front in the ongoing culture wars”, writes J A Micheline in the… I don’t really need to say it, do I?

The results of both the Brexit referendum and the 2016 US presidential election relied heavily (if not, solely) on the narrative of white loss and the tears of the white working class – while conveniently eliding the needs of working-class people of colour and what they stood to lose.

How can such events be combated? How can they be undone? But these are the wrong questions. Merely combating or undoing Comicsgate, Brexit, and the flourishing of American fascism is not enough.

The great battles of our time.

14 comments to In order of priority

  • terence patrick hewett

    Get Sir Les Patterson on the job.

  • Pat

    Is the American state acquiring more power over the people? If not American fascism isn’t flourishing.

  • Talk about delusions of undue relevance 😆

  • The Pedant-General

    Comment is Free, but not allowed.

  • During the Brexit campaign, where was the Grauniad when all this terrible elision was going on – when the BBC, ITV and the government spoke incessantly about the miseries of the white working class while completely eliding any effect on working class people of colour? Could the Grauniad not have shamed them into better behaviour?

    Is it is a sign of my immense prejudice on this issue that I seem to remember these fora covering those topics that Micheline claims were elided, and vice versa? It’s a sign of someone’s prejudice, I’m sure. 🙂

    Seriously, the Grauniad article assures us that nothing will be elided. As a declaration of just how far the writer would eagerly go to correct wrong-think, it is well worth reading.

  • terence patrick hewett

    The funniest headline in the press this week:

    “…Britain’s biggest online pharmacies are stockpiling up to a million Viagra pills in preparation for a hard Brexit….”

    A million tabs is just a 5 hour production run on a tablet press: the excruciating pun was a good one but it displays the usual MSM ignorance of anything associated with manufacturing.

  • @terence patrick hewett:

    Maybe they are expecting a “Soft BRExit” and just want to firm things up a bit. 😆

    Seriously though, “Project Fear” caused most of those even slightly leaning towards BRExit to tune this manufactured garbage out completely.

    As for what happens after BRExit…well, I see no shortage of ropes or lamp posts, so I reckon we’ll be fine, despite the various “We’re doomed” pronouncements from the Canadian mole at the Bank of England.

  • Mr Ed

    We will just have to rely on eating Jersey new potatoes after independence, Guernsey might help too. They aren’t in the EU so supplies from them will be unaffected by any changes in Customs procedures. We could even cut our VAT rate and have open trade borders with them.

  • Fraser Orr

    Forget the played out racism and transphobia. The left has a new tool in their bag: metoo. It is a brilliant strategy in a Dr. Evil kind of a way. Any random woman can make an unsubstantiated accusation against any man without a shred of evidence, and that man’s life is turned upside down, and the taint of the accusation never goes away, regardless of his innocence. No due process, no jury of his peers, not evidentiary process, hell no evidence, no right to answer never mind cross examine, and the accuser can often remain anonymous, a privileged not afforded the accused.

    It is a brilliant tool, with general applicability to all enemies, very low cost, and of completely general application. It is one of two or three crimes for which innocence is no longer a valid defense.

    And the people who should be most horrified by this tactic? That would be women who actually have been victimized, assaulted and abused. To take such a horrifying crime and trivialize it by turning it into a political weapon is the worst insult, the worst kind of demeaning thing you could do to such a person.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Fraser: You are entirely 1000% correct.

  • Paul Marks

    The Frankfurt School of Marxism tactic of turning black and brown people against white people and turning women against men is a crushing bore – but it is EFFECTIVE.

    People are being led to (by the education system – and the endless television propaganda, not just of the BBC of ALL television stations) think of British independence as “racist” – this is a lie, but people are being led to believe the lie.

    And people are also being led to think (by nonstop media propaganda – worthy of Pravda and Radio Moscow in the old days) that President Donald Trump is working to hurt women or black and brown people, this is a LIE ( whatever the real faults of Donald Trump, he is not doing any such thing), but people are being led to believe it.

    So saying “well no one buys these Frankfurt School of Marxism “Social Justice” comics – so the whole campaign is harmless” will not do.

    These people do not care if they bankrupt companies such as Marvel Comics, or the entire media for that matter, just as long as they get their political and cultural concepts into the brains of the young (both via the entertainment and news media and by the EDUCATION SYSTEM). After all, as Marxists, they want to get rid of these stupid Big Business types anyway – after they have served their purpose.

    A few days ago at work a young person was taking to a friend about how he could not make food of Asian origin from his flatmates as that would be “appropriating their culture” (Frankfurt School of Marxism – the young are taught stuff like this). I pointed out that some people of Asian origin (including in Asian countries such as Japan) played Western Classical music – “is this appropriating our culture?” I asked.

    The reaction of the young man was fascinating – part genuine outrage that anyone could speak such heresy (SOME of the young are very conformist – especially the ones who think they are “rebels”), but also FEAR. Not fear of me – but fear that some official person might get to know of the words spoken and that he-himself might be punished simply for having heard the words. He was not afraid that I might be punished (that would be fine – reactionaries like me deserve to be exterminated – that is what the universities, that Mrs May is so proud of, teach.), he was afraid that HE WOULD BE PUNISHED for being part of the conversation.

    The young “rebels” do know, deep down, that they are part of a totalitarian project – and that any mistake they make (or even something beyond their control happening – such as being spoken to a by a reactionary) could lead to them being utterly destroyed.

    Even reporting the heretic can be dangerous – after all “why did he speak to you?”, “had you give any indication that you might not be entirely Progressive”, “you are a white male – are-you-not?”. Fear-fear-fear – they live their lives terrified of their own movement.

    By the way thanks to J.A.M for remembering the bit about “working class” – sometimes Marxists get so lost in their Frankfurt School race-gender-sexual-orientation tap dance, that they forget the roots of Classical Marxism.

  • Mr Ed

    The reaction of the young man was fascinating – part genuine outrage that anyone could speak such heresy (SOME of the young are very conformist – especially the ones who think they are “rebels”), but also FEAR.

    In his head, he is in North Korea.

    In your heart, you are in Texas.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Two highly perceptive comments, together in one box. Well said, both.

  • Snorri Godhi

    The reaction of the young man was fascinating – part genuine outrage that anyone could speak such heresy (SOME of the young are very conformist – especially the ones who think they are “rebels”), but also FEAR.

    It is possible, of course, that both the outrage and the fear were motivated by the fact that this young man had never been confronted with logic before, and felt that it was both unfair and threatening.

    But of course there can be more than one factor at play.