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If we’ve got to apply the full nelson to get the governmental apparatus to do something obviously both morally and pragmatically correct then why in buggery would we give them more power over our lives? This is something that could and should have been settled before even the decision to go in. That it wasn’t is evidence that government ain’t very good at doing things, isn’t it?

Tim Worstall

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  • Paul Marks

    Government, national and local, is indeed utterly useless at doing good things – and most people actually know this. The trouble is that they tend to blame “lack of money” (“the cuts”) or “the Tories” rather than thinking that there might be a problem with the basic IDEA of statism.

    If only more money was spent, more regulations passed (especially against “big business corporations”) and politicians elected who really CARE, then all would be well – that is what people are taught to think by the education system (the schools and universities) and the mainstream media (especially the entertainment media). I make this point many times – but it is important. Because as long as most people are taught to believe this crack brained insanity (for that is what it is), there is little hope.

    Of course there are lots of people who do NOT believe the false ideas – but we (those who do not believe the false ideas) are the MINORITY, at least in Britain.

    Unless more people are convinced that the basic IDEA of statism does not (can not) work, then civilisation is doomed.

  • James Strong

    I recommend readers to go to the linked article and read the comment from ‘bloke in spain’.

    A terse summary of what he says ‘Bureaucrats have too much power and are not to be trusted because of their attitudes.’

    Perhaps he’d like to come here and tell us more; it’d be worth reading.

  • RAB

    He often does, James.

  • Thailover

    Vote for Pedro and all your wildest dreams will come true.

  • Mr. Marks is correct, both arms of government are total rubbish. Just look at the contradictions in their ideas. They want us all to have electric cars, but we are to go Carbon Free. How is that going to work? We do not have sufficient energy available now for a poor winter, and they will come. As it happens, had carbon not been available after the big bang, we would probably not be here anyway. Ohhh, just think, no authoritarian May to stop our Freedoms, long fought for. I despair of both Houses of Parliament, they fail on all counts. Our welfare should be at the front of all discussion and this carbon phobia is working against Us, our People and our industry, hear we come third world!

  • Thailover

    “As it happens, had carbon not been available after the big bang, we would probably not be here anyway.”

    Carbon is “invented” in the nuclear furnaces in the hearts of stars. Basically, the ancient alchemists were correct, but it takes a furnace with the heat and pressure of large stars to change one element to another (for all practical purposes). It’s a bit mind blowing to consider that the sun is a second or possibly third generation star, and that the gold around my neck is probably about 5 billions years older than the sun.