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Hey! Hypocrites have feeling too!

Aunt Agatha seeks to give advice to another troubled public figure in Britain… I wonder who it could be?

4 comments to Hey! Hypocrites have feeling too!

  • Northern Light

    This is even easier than the last one: the dependably cack-brained Polly Toynbee! 🙄 And the article is essentially an accurate description of the vile cow’s career 😆

  • Paul Marks

    You have got it right Northern Light.

  • You need to work to be Working Class

    “This will bring you a reputation for compassion even as you bank the fees and royalties that result.”

    Haha, that’s mint (not to mention true) 😆 😆

  • I recall that Polly’s peans to the Greenham Common peaceniks in the Grauniad in the 80s caused even Oxford lefties to roll their eyes and complain they would prefer something vaguely resembling rational discussion to her misty-eyed prose poems.