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Sage advice…

I have discovered a source of wisdom on the internet (no, really 😉 ) and I am reliably informed that the blessed Theresa herself has been known to solicit advice from the famed Agatha Antigone.

9 comments to Sage advice…

  • Julie near Chicago

    So, I take it Aunt Agatha was formerly an intern at The Onion!

  • A not-wholly-dissimilar approach has not (as yet) worked out that well for Harvey Weinstein. On the other hand, it worked well enough for Teddy Kennedy until after his death, and I doubt we’ll ever see a companion film to Chappaquiddick featuring senator Byrd’s early days in the KKK. So I guess Aunt Agatha’s advice works sometime.


  • Phil B

    C’mon guys! That sort of thing could happen to anyone, anywhere, any time.

    It’s a good job that the Gub’mint is bringing in all these new laws to control and ban knives, eh? You see. They DO care … (Ahem!)

  • Eric

    How is it she hanging on? It seems nobody likes her, and yet… no moving van.

  • Alisa

    How is it she hanging on? It seems nobody likes her, and yet… no moving van.

    It really is quite amazing, at least from the POV of an outsider.

  • Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray

    I think it’s to do with Brexit. If she can do a good deal, she’ll survive. If she does a rotten Brexit, that’s her point of exit. And nobody else wants to negotiate Brexit instead of her.

  • Mr Ed

    How is it she hanging on? It seems nobody likes her, and yet… no moving van.

    There are a significant number of local elections coming up in May 2018 and this may have a considerable bearing on the Conservative Party’s view of Mrs May. I suppose that at the moment it’s a bit like the party going for a long walk without access to a toilet and fouling its underpants, (where they are now) and wondering what the point of swapping to a clean pair is if there’s no loo in sight and the diarrhoea isn’t looking like going away, so why bother when you can keep your clean undies for when you get to civilisation? Only if the situation becomes too unbearable will they take the risk, swap the undies and clench buttocks.

  • Alisa, I agree with Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray at April 24, 2018 at 7:57 am. I think those Tories who want to replace her, and those who just want her replaced, are waiting to see what her Brexit deal is. If they decide it is bad enough, that will be a great reason to challenge her. If they decide it is bearable, but not perfect, better to let her have the odium of its downside, then challenge her later on the grounds that the 2017 election shows she’s not good enough at beating Corbyn.

    In Scotland, politics is largely frozen by the natz. It’s hard to do anything about the ever-so-wet Scottish Tories while the natz’ threat remains. To a lesser extent, in the UK as a whole, Brexit may be having a similar effect.

    We do not have primaries in the UK. The nearest is the very recent Labour electoral reform – that produced Corbyn as Labour’s leader. I believe the Tory party vote for leader, expected in autumn 2016, would have given us Boris if it were not for Gove, or Leadsom if it had nevertheless happened, but, thanks to Gove, the Brexitters were too weakened to resist the immense pressure from the parliamentary party to have all May’s rivals withdraw rather than let the “swivel-eyed loons” decide who would lead.

    How politics doth turn on petty things. 🙂

  • Alisa

    Thank you Nick and Niall, I think I get it – although I must add that Mr. Ed’s addition was also very helpful towards that end 🙂