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Pure genius…

Not sure of the provenance but this is pure genius…

13 comments to Pure genius…

  • I’d like to cut off one of those tufts of hair Bernie has at the side of his head. Because he has two, and my Dad has none.

  • CaptDMO

    Wait, didn’t Vermont become a State by taking half of New Hampshire?

  • hennesli

    I think ‘pure genius’ may be just a tad over generous.

  • Andrew

    As long as it’s his own praise he’s being generous with…

  • Laird

    I love it!

  • Northern Light

    I think ‘pure genius’ may be just a tad over generous.

    Too subtle for you? 😛

  • Julie near Chicago

    Definitely too subtle for Bernie! (& co.)

  • Thailover

    I think we should take one of Ayn Rand’s cues and petition Bernie for one of his eyes. After all, he has two…
    As they say, do you really need that sports car? Do you really need an AR 15? Does Bernie really need to have two eyes or two kidneys? There are people in need after all.

  • Regional

    Cut a car in half and take one half, seems valid to me in this new age of entitlement.

  • Benaud

    He has three houses in Vermont. One from Hillarys campaign.

    I have none in Vermont. This seems unjust.

  • Paul Marks

    Quite correct. As socialists do not believe in private property rights – so why should one not take stuff from them? And if a socialist has more stuff than other people this violates “Social Justice”.

    “But the state should be the one to take the stuff – not private individuals” – why? The street gangs of Latin America and elsewhere (so beloved by American Democrats) hear the message of “Social Justice” (even from the priests – indeed especially from the priests these days) and act upon it DIRECTLY.

    Robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder – this is Social Justice. If the rich and attractive (attractive because of their nice lives – better diet and so on) “insult the dignity of the poor” by their wealth and happiness – then the teaching of Social Justice of clear, clear and EVIL.

  • Rossum

    Actually, Vermont was split off from New York State.

  • The Pedant-General

    Well New York state clearly had that coming – have you SEEN how big it is?