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Why Alan Sugar is occasionally awesome…

As Lord Sugar phrased it: Many a true word spoken in jest Corbyn

28 comments to Why Alan Sugar is occasionally awesome…

  • mezzrow

    I don’t care who y’are…

    That’s funny.

  • ‘Occasional’ should be ‘occasionally’.

    It’s a top-notch tweet.

  • Runcie Balspune

    The shocking response by the likes of Lammy (to the Leave.EU post) and Mann (in the article) seems to indicate that they think criticizing politicians is now considered a “hate crime” or a “smear”.

    I think the phrase rhymes with Clucking Bell, these people have really gone up their own arses, you really know you’ve hit late stage authoritarianism when opposing the establishment becomes a crime.

  • the other rob

    …you really know you’ve hit late stage authoritarianism when opposing the establishment becomes a crime.

    It certainly seems to be headed that way but we’re not quite there yet, I think, on either side of the pond. In other worlds, we’re in that difficult period when it may be too late for the ballot box but is definitely too early to hang the cunts.

  • Phil B

    Sugar shouldn’t have apologised or removed the tweet.

    Just like Hitler, appeasing the SJWs and politically correct only leads to more bullying and demands. He should have taken a leaf out of Trumps book and doubled down.

    I’m pleased that the image was captured and reposted before it disappeared! >};o)

  • Eric

    I don’t care who y’are…

    That’s funny.

    I agree, but you should read the comments. Nearly all of them say something like “Reported for racism and sexism”, which is leftese for “I don’t like this.”

  • Steve

    Accusing me of a hate crime is a hate crime.

  • Snorri Godhi

    … you really know you’ve hit late stage authoritarianism when opposing the establishment becomes a crime.

    That’s the whole point of cultural Marxism: in theory, it is a challenge to the culture of the ruling class (and to be fair, it sort of started that way); in practice, it has been adopted by the ruling class to legitimize the oppression of the middle class.
    Witness the way the Tea Party was immediately branded “racist” (thus encouraging real racists to join it, which was desirable for the ruling class).

  • djm

    What Phil B said

  • staghounds

    The hit dog howls the loudest.

    Also the stupidest- Lord Sugar’s original picture and caption make it clear that “Corbyn” is surprised and uncomfortable to find himself beside Hitler at a party gathering.

  • Mr Ed

    Lord Sugar’s original picture and caption make it clear that “Corbyn” is surprised and uncomfortable to find himself beside Hitler at a party gathering.

    Not at all, he appears in the fake photo to be looking at a camera thinking that he has been spotted and will be called out. I don’t know and can’t imagine who the original was, the only one that comes to mind is the then Tsar of Bulgaria.

  • Mr Ed

    A good article by Dan Hodges (son former Labour MP Glenda Jackson) in the Mail on this matter, pointing out the self-denial/delusion on the Left.

    There is no need for such procedural sophistry. For ‘enough is enough’ to represent more than a self-indulgent soundbite, Labour’s moderates need only ask Jeremy Corbyn the following questions.
    Can you give money to overtly anti-Semitic groups? Can you regularly praise anti-Semites? Can you lobby on their behalf? Can you anoint them your ‘friends’? Can you join and participate in virulently anti-Semitic Facebook groups? Can you organise meetings on behalf of its members? Can you see a Nazi-style caricature of a hook-nosed Jew daubed on an East London wall and defend it.
    Can you do these things and still remain a member of the Labour Party?
    For the events of last week to mean anything, the answer to that question should be a clear, resounding ‘no’.
    Which is precisely why Labour moderates will not ask it. Because they know the man guilty of each of those offences is Jeremy Corbyn himself.
    They simply cannot bring themselves to take the final step. To state clearly and publicly what every single person who is not part of the thuggish, cultish, Corbynite clique knows to be true. That Jeremy Corbyn cannot provide a solution to Labour’s anti-Semitism problem because he is the living embodiment of Labour’s anti-Semitism problem.
    So no, last week was not a turning point. For the simple reason that because when Britain’s Jews say ‘enough is enough’ they mean it. But too many of their self-styled allies within the Labour Party do not.

    IMHO, the problem is that without Moscow as the Shining City of the Hill to dream about, the millenarian socialists scramble around and seem to have found a new ‘Jerusalem’ for their insane fantasises, but it is the Gaza Strip.

  • Paul Marks

    Good post – and good comments.

    No need for me to add anything.

  • JohnB

    What Snorri Godhi said

  • What are the pressures used to make people like Lord Sugar un-tweet what they liked enough to tweet? What are their thought processes?

    Lord Sugar posted the tweet – just as Jeremy, and his followers, and many others, have made many a comparison between Adolf and whoever is their hate figure of the week. Finding Momentum tweets that photoshop toothbrush moustaches onto Tories is even easier than finding ones that deny the holocaust or show the Israeli flag with a swastika in place of the star of David. In the US, Trump’s having a Jewish daughter and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem never stopped anyone tweeting pictures of him with nazi armband. (As befits a land with the first amendment, you can also find right-side-of-the-aisle examples, such as the ‘Heil Hoggler’ tweet – apparently the 17-year-old activist recently made an imprudent arm gesture to his followers.)

    No-one ever apologises for calling May or Trump or Farage a nazi, whether with picture or without. But when the absurd McDonnell demands Sugar drop the tweet, the Lord drops it, though he must have thought enough of it to tweet it in the first place.

    Has ‘hate speech’ law revived the rule of the old UK criminal law of libel: “The greater the truth, the greater the libel” ?

  • Snorri Godhi

    WRT “Heil Hoggler” i found this video very entertaining. Watch it before it’s banned!

    And thanks to JohnB for the endorsement.

  • Fraser Orr

    Sorry, I think you are all wrong. Godwin’s law applies here. Of course Sugar can say whatever he likes (or should be able to) but that doesn’t excuse the the picture for being stupid, unfair and misleading.

    The fact that Corbyn is a mainstream politician is a little terrifying because of what it says about the British electorate, but he isn’t a Nazi, or anything like it. To say so is to minimize the Nazi’s crimes, and gives the left the right to make equally fatuous comparisons between, for example, Trump and the Nazis. (And let’s be clear, I doubt anyone really thinks Corbyn is a Nazi, however there are millions of Americans who seriously think that Trump is as bad as a Nazi, in part because of years of ignoring Godwin in political discourse.)

    OK, so I’m in defense of Godwin’s law, even for loathsome lizards like Corbyn.

  • Stonyground

    I don’t understand why Hitler is quite rightly regarded as being profoundly evil while Stalin seems to get a free pass. Surely if you started accusing Corbyn of being big mates with Stalin instead, that would be just as bad. The problem then for Corbyn would be that, as a dyed in the wool commie, he would be in no position to deny it.

  • Mr Ed


    Mr Corbyn called in 1988 for the Soviet Union to completely rehabilitate Trotsky in a House of Commons Early-Day Motion, for which he is entitlted to Parliamentary Privilege. That Trotsky lost the struggle with Stalin for the opportunity to murder tens of millions is the only reason that he didn’t kill on a similar scale, but bear in mind Trotsky’s own murderous record.

    There can be no doubt that mass murder for the ‘correct’ motive does not trouble Mr Corbyn in the way that mass murder for the wrong motive does.

  • Fraser Orr

    > I don’t understand why Hitler is quite rightly regarded as being profoundly evil while Stalin seems to get a free pass.

    The simple answer is “because Stalin was on our side” during WWII. As the saying goes — he might have been a bastard, but for a while he was our bastard.

    Several years ago I was in Beijing. In the center of Beijing is Tienanmen Square. I, like I think most Westerners “of a certain age” think of guy standing in front of tank, oppressive violent put down of popular up rising, symbol of tyranny and death, when I hear of that place. However, talking to the Chinese, they think of it kind of like we think of the Washington Mall or Trafalgar Square. To the north of the square is the Forbidden City (former home of the Emperor) bedecked with a gigantic picture of Mao. To one side is the Chinese parliament, to the other, the Museum of China, and then to the south is the mausoleum of Chairman Mao. You can go view his perfectly preserved body in a glass coffin, though you have to wait in line for hours, and, if you are Chinese, you usually weep at the death of this great man the founder of the new nation.

    Me? I think of him as one of the worst mass murderers in history, and I think he should get the treatment Charles II gave to Oliver Cromwell. But the Chinese I spoke to seem to think of him like George Washington or Winston Churchill. Perhaps as we wink at Washington’s sins (you know, all those slaves) they wink at his sins (you know all those piles of dead bodies). Which just goes to show how much our upbringing colors our views of these people.

  • Fraser Orr (April 2, 2018 at 3:39 pm), this isn’t about breaking Godwin’s law but about mocking – for excellent reasons – someone who has (often) broken it. No-one thought Lord Sugar’s picture was real. Everyone knows Corbyn and friends yell ‘nazi’, at all who disagree with them, while being themselves less distant from either the national or the socialist sides of Adolf’s ideology than those they accuse. It is no violation of Godwin’s law to point that hypocrisy out.

  • pst314

    Mr De Havilland:
    OT: I re-read your 2002 “Secure Under the Watchful Eyes” post and its comment thread. Some of the commenters were adamant that Britain was not and would never become a police state, and yet here we are with laws authorizing prison time for opinions the State disapproves of (and it’s even worse in some countries on the continent.) What’s more, although the number of surveillance cameras has steadily increased, a large fraction of crimes are not solved or if solved the criminals avoid prison and soon commit more crimes.

  • bobby b

    ” . . . although the number of surveillance cameras has steadily increased, a large fraction of crimes are not solved . . .”

    Due to a technical decision made back in 2010, they’re not what many of us think of as “cameras.” They don’t transmit optics, but by God they’ll pick up “hate” at 2100 yards! They had to prioritize, you know.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Given that Mosley left the Labour Party because it wasn’t socialist enough, it is not fanciful to think that, had Corbyn been alive then, he’d have left Labour to join the British Union of Fascists.

    David Hogg is different. The video that i linked to, is funny because his style, and the style of the crowds, fits so well Hitler’s voice and that of the nazi crowd.

  • Alisa

    Snorri, that video is a riot – thanks! I am surprised it hasn’t been taken down yet.

  • Mr Ed

    he’d have left Labour to join the British Union of Fascists.

    I doubt it, simply because by the time that his parents met (at a rally supporting Republican Spain during the Civil War), the Fascists were already to those so far Left, unspeakable (until the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, of course). I think that he would only have gone towards Stalin, if anywhere.

    What has happened now is that the Socialist running dogs who now dominate Labour have chased their own tails so much, that they have adopted the attitudes of the Nazis without abandoning the slogans of the mainstream Left.

  • NickM

    Mr Ed,
    My wife did a Russian degree at the University of Leeds. As part of that she spent a year in Moscow. She visited Lenin (who would killed as many as Stalin but the Grim Reaper claimed him first). Lizzy had been drinking heavily the night before and was somewhat hung-over when she saw the dapper little mummy. She almost puked on him. True story. She would have been deported at least. We do chose our heroes strangely.

  • Mr Ed


    Assuming that she had done that and survived relatively unscathed, it would have been an epic act of malicious hooliganism or anti-Soviet agitation. Unlike Mathais Rust, it might have been thought better by the PTW to have covered it up.