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It’s dangerous to enjoy the sight of the Labour Party – home of cynical grievance-mongers for decades – hoist by its own petard over anti-Semitism. It’s perilous to succumb to anger over the way that Leftist political correctness has thrown thousands of white girls in Telford or Rotherham to the wolves for fear of the juju word “Racist”. Lives are being lost (and many more lives degraded) in the United States as the uncontroversial assertions that “Black Lives Matter” and “All lives matter” are used as tribal battle cries. The Alt-Right’s so-called “fascism” would evoke snorts of derision from history’s real Fascists, as it amounts to White people lamely joining the destructive game of identity politics.

– ‘Tom Paine

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  • Alisa


  • APL

    “the way that Leftist political correctness has thrown thousands of white girls in Telford or Rotherham to the wolves for fear of the juju word “Racist”.”

    Ahem! For the last seven years, Theresa May has been both Prime minister, Home secretary and a Tory, with particular responsibility for the Home Office which in turn has responsibility for Policing in the United Kingdom.

    What better rallying point could you have, little English girls are being ‘groomed’, tortured and raped ( apparently several times a night in some instances ) to rally opposition to the party that has condoned such behaviour.

    Nope. Tories ( and Feminists ) silent.

    Still busy suppressing the true magnitude of the ….. atrocity(s).

  • Laird

    It’s a good article, decrying “tribalism” (which, however, is never going to go away; that’s just how humans are constructed), opposing the destructive concept of “hate crimes”, and reminding us of the importance of the “rule of law”. If I were to choose an especially meritorious sentence to quote it would be “When you say your favourite class of “victim” deserves special protection from the Law, you are shattering the only important equality – the one on which our civilisation is built.”

    But the first two sentences actually quoted are ridiculous. “Dangerous”? “Perilous”? Nonsense. We should “succumb to anger” over Rotherham. We are absolutely correct to enjoy the spectacle of the Labour Party “hoist by its own petard over anti-Semitism.” This shows that we are paying attention, that we oppose the depths to which a significant portion of our society has sunk. And it suggests that there is sufficient awareness that we just might be able to claw our way back to civilization.

  • It is reported that Labour have appointed Jenny Formby to investigate whether there is any anti-semitism in the Labour party. As it is also being reported that Jenny has in the past demanded the banning of security firm G4S, because it once did an in item of work in Israel, and called for a Labour peer to be dismissed from an earlier enquiry, because he once visited Israel, I wonder if her personal conclusion will be, “Yes, but not enough of it”. I will gladly be pleasantly surprised if the publicised conclusion suggests not – but I will not hold my breath.

    Appointing an Israel-hater to ferret out anti-semitism is as if some 1920’s investigation appointed a German who believed that Jews caused the world war – and then caused Germany to lose it: certain crazy beliefs are to be exempted from the investigation, despite the fact that indulging those crazy beliefs is a major reason why investigation is now needed.

  • Paul Marks

    Niall beat me to the punch – it is not P.C. (Frankfurt School of Marxism Identity Politics) to say that actual anti-Semites are anti-Semites – and the socialists are, these days, dominated by anti-Semites.