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Naming no names for the present

The Telegraph reports that the inexorable progress of the Scottish National Party’s “Named Person” scheme has proved exorable after all. That’s two pieces of good news. One, with any luck its opponents will now be able to wear away at this horrible scheme until it falls apart. Two, there is such a word as “exorable”.

SNP ‘state guardian’ plan delayed for months after Holyrood committee withholds approval

The SNP’s controversial plans to assign every child a ‘state guardian’ have descended into chaos again after a cross-party Holyrood inquiry concluded that it could not recommend that MSPs give their approval.

The Scottish Parliament’s education committee said it was impossible to scrutinise how the Named Person scheme would work in practice until John Swinney, the SNP Education Minister, provides an “authoritative” code of practice for those filling the role.

In a move that threatens to delay its implementation by at least six months, its members said the code should reflect changes in data protection law being made by the UK Government in April or May next year.

13 comments to Naming no names for the present

  • JadedLibertarian

    As a father of four living in Scotland: good, may this bill’s unraveling accelerate.

    To be honest though things like this are inevitable as soon as you accept the idea of state schools that don’t just teach the basics, but actually try to parent the children. It starts off that it’s just the chavs and junkies kids whose parenting they seek to undermine, but mission creep means sooner or later they are wheedling their way into everyone’s family. Really we’ve only got ourselves to blame. Widespread classism means many are only too happy to see the people at the bottom messed with as long as they leave nice middle class people alone. We should have spoken out before it got to this stage. Sort of a “First they came…” scenario.

    When my wife and I were living in poverty underneath the local drug dealer, the health visitor was all over my wife like a fly on poo. She wouldn’t go away despite repeated requests and in at least one case threatened to “report” my wife if she acted on her plans to homeschool. She thought my wife was just council estate scum and acted accordingly. Then one day she found out that I had just finished a master’s degree and was about to start a PhD. She left and never came back. I’m not sure if it was because we no longer fitted the council estate scum stereotype, or if she was concerned we’d have the wherewithal to retaliate to her bullying.

    You might think the state is intrusive, but you ain’t seen nothing till you’ve tried raising kids in a scummy council estate and had a health visitor look down their nose at you. There’s a whole second ultra authoritarian state beneath this one that middle class people never see.

  • pete

    All this uncertainty and delay makes work for the politicians in the noddy Scottish parliament and their associated bureaucrats.

    That’s the main object of the exercise, not child welfare.

  • Laird

    Two, there is such a word as “exorable”.

    There’s also such as word as “execrable”, which fits quite well.

  • Bruce

    If REAL PEOPLE don’t take back their country, by force, as is becoming increasingly necessary, there will no point in staying, unless slavery and humiliation is your thing.

    This death spiral has been going on since the end of WW1.

  • Mr Ed

    Ah, could it be that the gruesome General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR’ due to come into force on 25th May 2018, may be having an unintneded side-effect that is positive for liberty. When I have time and the stomach for it (and I have read what the Cheka got up to at length) I will write a piece here on these tyrannical regulations and how evil they are, but they might not be utterly evil if they mean that the data processing involved in the Appointed Savile scheme, er, Named Person scheme accidentally conflicts with the GDPR, then as the GDPR is EU law, the AS scheme will have to give way or become inoperable. There will also be a new, improved Data Protection Act.

    This could be an example of what scientists call self-cancelling errors.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Laird. (:37 above. Heh. :>)

  • Paul Marks

    “Devolution” has messed up Scots Law (this “named person” is the latest example) and is messing up Scots education.

    The SNP is a nasty left wing party – but the main alternative in Scotland is the Labour party, which is also a nasty left wing party.

  • Justin

    Two, there is such a word as “exorable”.

    Of course there is, although it took me a few seconds to recall ‘inexorable’.

    Just like “inert”, and “ert”. (‘Private Benjamin’, film).

  • Paul Marks

    Today the regime in Scotland puts into a effect a new statute – this one ends fixed term leases, basically if you rent a property to someone (and they pay a “fair rent” – “rent officers” will decide that) you can NEVER GET THEM OUT.

    Even “Teddy” Roosevelt, the first Progressive American President (note to people misled by propaganda – Lincoln was not a Progressive in the modern sense) stated that the central problem with “Spanish law” (which dominated Latin America) was this idea of “security for renters” – that a landowner, once they rented property out (or their ancestors rented property out), could not get the property back. This meant that there could be no real transformation of farming or other industry – as in “Anglo Saxon countries”. It was NOT really a racial problem, it was a LEGAL problem. The problem of “Spanish Practices” in law – that restricted Private Property rights and Freedom of Contract in various ways.

    The Scottish Nationalist Party has now imported “Spanish Practices” (of centuries past) into Scots Law – only a foolish person would now rent out property, as once-you-rent-it-out you can not get it back. Freedom of Contract (for example “I will rent this place to you for two years – but then you must leave”) is now dead in Scotland.

    Predictably “Shelter” and other Progressive idiots have WELCOMED the decision – the decision that will lead to the slow death of private renting in Scotland.

  • The Jannie

    Long may the SNP rot. The idea that children will be under the control of persons who couldn’t find their own arses using both hands is beneath contempt. This is just more evidence that the only thing in Edinburgh uglier than that pluke down the Royal Mile is the thinking which goes on inside it.

  • Mr Ed

    The idea that children will be under the control of persons who couldn’t find their own arses using both hands is beneath contempt.

    One problem is, it might be the children’s arses or other bits that some would be interested in finding, not their own.

  • Mr Ed

    The idea that children will be under the control of persons who couldn’t find their own arses using both hands is beneath contempt.

    One problem is, it might be the children’s arses or other bits that some would be interested in finding, not their own.

  • Andrew Duffin

    I note that in true Soviet style John Swinney has already tried to strongarm the committee into changing its mind.