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There are feminists and other liberals (in the American political sense) who want to portray American campuses as being hotbeds of rape and sexual assault which gets overlooked by college administrators and law enforcement officers alike because they are in thrall of the Patriarchy. Anyone sensible knows this is bullshit: women on American college campuses are not raped and sexual assaulted at a rate only ever seen by women in African war zones, and hundreds of thousands of bright, middle-class women would not borrow so heavily to live in them if this were the case. But third-wave feminists and their supporters know this, of course. They just hope that by spinning this narrative often enough they can usher in oppressive regulations and laws with which they can control people who harbour thoughts they don’t like.

Tim Newman

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  • AndrewZ

    Everything about “social justice” is a fraud. Diversity means conformity. Micro-aggressions and cultural appropriation are pretexts for arbitrary punishment. Safe spaces and trigger-warnings are pretexts for censorship. Being inclusive means excluding non-leftists. It’s all lies invented by totalitarians as a way to get power, which is why none of it should ever be granted any legitimacy whatsoever.

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    Isn’t this equally true of the anti-racism brigade – if not more so?

    And I second what Andrew Z has written above.

  • If you ignore their specific intellectual fetishes, and focus instead on methods, there is no discernible difference between modern “social justice warriors” and any other totalitarian group in history (commies, nazis, muslim fundies, whatever).

    They all blend together into one big bloody family of dissent-oppressing, counter-argument intolerant, self-righteous, murderous bastards. Once you switch out the specific nouns and verbs in their rhetoric, you find that they all use the same mad-lib sheet of hate.

  • Schrodinger’s Dog, November 5, 2016 at 4:43 pm: “Isn’t this equally true of the anti-racism brigade”

    Yes, indeed it is. If you are grown up* and your head is above the parapet of public debate and you haven’t been called a racist then you are a coward or a liar or both. (Something similar can be said of the other standard PC insults.)

    [*’grown ups’ – Churchill is credited (perhaps apocryphally) with saying, “He who is not a socialist at 20 has no heart.. He who is still a socialist at 40 has no head.” On this subject, making allowances till 40 is far too long by my judgement but juvenile stars, and suchlike ‘in the public domain too young’ types who are regurgitating what they’ve been told, do not deserve the same degree of blame.]

  • Cal

    >Isn’t this equally true of the anti-racism brigade

    Of course. It’s all the same crowd.

  • CaptDMO

    Meh, IMHO, not so much the same crowd, as each struggles for their own exceptional victimness considerations, but certainly the same “teachers”.

  • Phil B

    I think that there is a simpler explanation of their behaviour – they are all mentally ill and if you read their web pages and blogs, they readily admit that they have some kind of disorder such as bipolar, eating disorders, depression etc. naturally, we should elevate the mentally ill to be the arbiters of everything and rule the world … or perhaps not.

    As a “for example” look at THIS and tell me that it should be taken seriously.

    THIS is the genius that researched and spent her time, money and effort on the report.

    If it isn’t as fine an example of obsessive compulsive disorder and mental illness, then I defy anyone to find better.

    Now, play nicely and no remarks about being up herself etc. otherwise you may trigger something or another …

  • lucklucky

    How a children gets power from their parents?

    The mechanism is the same here. We are the parents; Diversity, Micro-aggressions,cultural appropriation, etc. is the crying. And loud crying and violence is achieved with Academia and Media complicity.

  • NickM

    Phil B,

  • David

    Phil B that is surely a compilation of all the disorders you can think of. I was always under the impression that Northwestern was supposed to be one of the better universities in the US but obviously it suffers from the same disconnect with the real world that many [most?] others do.

  • Slartibartfarst

    @Phil B: That item about Jennifer Nash is interesting. She’s apparently a Harvard colleague of one Prof. Niall Ferguson’s who coincidentally gives a perceptive 22-minute talk on The Decline and Fall of History

    Ms.Nash probably makes the points raised by Prof. Fergusson, but even more emphatically illustrates those points, substantiating them with prima facie evidence. Judging by the abstract, she certainly gets to the bottom of things in her research and her thinking. Highly commendable in a researcher.

  • Alisa

    and spent her time, money and effort on the report

    Not her money.

    And, what lucklucky said.

  • Jacob

    “gets to the bottom of things”


  • Paul Marks

    There are two terrible errors to be avoided.

    The first is to submit to this Frankfurt School rubbish about “rape culture” and “patriarchy” and so on.

    The second mistake (perhaps even more lethal) is the “Alt Right” response – of reacting to charges of “sexism”, “racism” (and so on) by BEING “sexist”, “racist” (and so on). Thus making the lies of the left the truth.

    We must not respond to the evil of the Red Flag (which is what the Frankfurt School stuff really is – underneath), by embracing the evil of the “Alt Right” Black Flag.

    People should state that they are not guilty to the charges the left make – and reject any punishment for crimes of which we are not guilty.

  • Her opus is very focused on the ‘bottom’ of things

  • Phil B

    @Alisa. From my understanding of the American University system, she will have spent a considerable amount of her own (or her parents) money on her “education”, up to and including the PhD.

    She will be essentially unemployable – I would not interview her for a job pushing a broom around a factory as her field of study shrieks Professional Chip On Shoulder Malcontent – and the ONLY places she can exist is either Academia or Government. If in Academia, the only way she can justify her tenure is to persuade others to attend her course of study and over the next 35 to 40 years turn out many, many more clones with the same demented attitudes and outlook. Or burrow into Government and socially engineer the population to conform to her insanity. See Social Services, The Home Office, Immigration etc. and so forth.

    Or, alternatively, she is stark staring batshit insane as they say in the trade …

    Academia, other than for STEM subjects needs to be utterly destroyed by defunding this sort of course to prevent this sort of insanity. To quote a quotable quote from the film Alien, we need to “take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  • Rich Rostrom

    But third-wave feminists and their supporters know this, of course.

    I doubt this. They are emotionally convinced that their horror story is 100% true, or even understated. They are firmly convinced that male sex crimes are routinely concealed by authorities, and that victimized women are afraid to report being attacked. Thus all official statistics are fraudulent.

    To take it in a different context: did the Nazis know that Jews were not all malevolent conspirators as an incorrigible hereditary condition?

  • Alisa

    Sounds like some kind of a mental disorder.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Phil B, wow! Good for Jennifer! At last Northwestern has a prof who can produce material up to the standard of Social Text!