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I was searching for God…

I was searching for God and found Cthulhu. So I asked why he wasn’t running for President of the United States this year. He replied the market for Greater Evils was saturated.

20 comments to I was searching for God…

  • Alan H.

    I thought you were a devotee of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? 😉

  • I am Alan, I said I found Cthulhu, but that was because I opened up the cabinet where I keep my sacramental noodles and… there he was!

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    Greater Evil? Don’t you know that you must always choose the lesser of two weevils?

  • Next time I see Cthulhu, I shall point this out to him, Natalie, and suggest he abandon his usual “Why vote for the Lesser Evil?” slogan, and instead recognise this is an opportunity not an impediment! He can run under the banner “For once you can vote for me in good conscience knowing you voted for the lesser evil!”

    Never has there been a better time for a Third Party candidate who smells strongly of fish! Well that or the Sweet Meteor of Death.

  • NickM

    The Hell with that! I am a Dudeist and I shall abide.

  • J.M. Heinrichs

    Cats … four drumsticks.


  • RAB

    Cats happened to CCIZ, or rather his indolence and arrogance did. I don’t care anymore, neither does NickM. You can find me over at Longrider’s place now.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker!) Gray

    Is it true that Trump’s father’s name is Frank Jesus Trump? That means that Donald Trump is the son of the son of God! If you can’t vote directly for God, vote for his grandson!

  • the other rob

    What happened to Cats btw?

    Last I saw he had promised to get better hosting, then he got into a spat with a contributor, then the site went dark again.

    I hope that he hasn’t taken his ball and gone home, but that’s certainly one possible interpretation.

  • RAB

    That contributor may well be me. Nah, he is just on holiday in China, a dreadful breach of his personal life and security according to him, when I casually mentioned it. So I took down the reference to said holiday, because I really can’t be bothered arguing with persons who lack any kind of perspective. Then he fucked of on his Hols, let the site crash, and bugger the rest of us. He won’t have checked his emails and doesn’t bother to answer them if he does. He doesn’t even read the site that often. So much for his respect for the seven or souls twiddling their thumbs waiting to post something, while he can’t be bothered to get his out of his arse.

    So enough is enough. It was fun, sometimes, good crew, lovely writing, pity about the proprietor. Like I said I’m over at Longrider now.

  • bobby b

    I always wonder who Cthulhu would choose for a running mate/VP.

    I’m currently wavering between Ycnàgnnisssz and Joe Biden.

  • mike

    I first thought there may be something wrong at Counting Cats when PA Annoyed disappeared a few years back and nobody seemed to mention it.

  • Perry, may I recommend Jung Chang and Jon Halliday’s biography of Mao, and Robert Conquest’s Biography of Stalin, to be followed by Joachim Fest’s “The Face of the Third Reihc” (short biographies of Hitler and leading Nazis). After reading these you will then easily decide to vote for the lesser weevil – well, maybe not easily, or even at all, but you’ll be able to reflect on how much worse things can still get. (Er, maybe that’s not as comforting as I meant it to be.)

    “… Never has there been a better time for a Third Party candidate who smells strongly of fish!” (Perry de Havilland (London) November 2, 2016 at 9:13 pm)

    No thanks. We’ve already had two fishy FM’s in Scotland – one salmon and one sturgeon. Lesser and not so lesser weevils abound these days.

  • Paul Marks

    Neither candidate will get government spending under control.

    It will be bankruptcy (de facto if not legal) either way.

    The system, as it has been, is going to die.

  • After reading these you will then easily decide to vote for the lesser weevil – well, maybe not easily, or even at all, but you’ll be able to reflect on how much worse things can still get

    No. It is endlessly voting for the Lesser Evil that makes the Greater Evil just a matter of time, a certainly. It means you are constantly signalling that your actual wishes can be ignored just so long as the ghastly person you consistently vote for is ever so slightly less ghastly then the other guy. You are incentivizing ghastly. In any given election, sure, it seems only sensible to vote for the Lesser Evil (and once in a while it is). But that is rather like the political version of creating a financial bubble to stave off an economic downturn today. And then doing it again. And again. And again. And again.

    Sooner of later, bubbles burst, be they political or financial, and the longer they take to build up, and the bigger they get, the more disastrous the eventual bang will be.

  • NickM

    Pa Annoyed is in my basement and shall be deployed at a strategic juncture…

  • “Stickers” available here. Just print ’em out and tape them up, they’ll be obsolete in a week anyway.

  • Mr Ed

    Taking the Dems to be the Marxists that they are, and Bush II as Kerensky, it seems to me that in Obama they found their equivalent to a mid-1980s Gorbachev ‘Hope!’, ‘Change!’ (Both imperatives). Never mind the reality, enjoy the image.

    But now they have put forward a Brezhnev stagnation candidate in Clinton, both in attitude and health, who I have not heard proclaim either ‘Hope!’ or ‘Change!’, perhaps showing that she has some insight into her own absurdity.

    But I don’t see Trump as a Yeltsin.