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Good riddance to a tyrant

Fidel Castro dies aged 90, but unfortunately his dynastic successor is still firmly in control. No doubt the shameless regressive left at the BBC and Guardian will sing the dead tyrant’s praises, but I suspect there will be some wild celebrations in Miami tonight.

24 comments to Good riddance to a tyrant

  • Fortunately Raul Castro is not that much younger than Fidel (85 to Fidel’s 90), so probably he won’t be around much longer either.

    We saw with the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe that it doesn’t take much for the people to shake off the shackles of Communism and free themselves, hopefully that time is approaching for the people of Cuba.

    Donald Trump might actually be a person to do this as the potential of Cuba as a reinvigorated holiday destination 90-miles off the Florida coast would be tremendous.

  • Alisa

    Another controversial figure bites the dust.

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    Samizdata Illuminatus,

    I live in Miami, and can confirm that the Little Havana district lit up, as soon as it was announced that the old bastard was dead.

  • Alisa

    LOL, this may be the first time ever I’m sorry I don’t live in FL anymore 😛

  • RAB

    About time. Put me down for a box of cigars and a crate of Cuba Libre.

  • Stonyground

    Ken Livingstone was on BBC radio singing Castro’s praises this morning, no contrary view was included. According to Red Ken, Cuba had first rate education and healthcare.

  • Alisa

    Curious then that he didn’t go out of his way to raise his children there – or did he?

  • Runcie Balspune

    According to Red Ken, Cuba had first rate education and healthcare.

    What is neglected to mention is that the brutal, authoritarian, totalitarian, undemocratic, and homophobic regime only managed to achieve negligible, if anything, advances over a free thinking western liberal democracy, and that’s giving it a large benefit of doubt. If Castro stands for anything, it is as a monument to the utter failure of socialist ideology to advance humanity, and yet still dopes like Livingstone insist it is all worth it, no wonder chumps like him pander to similar religious fascist ideology who essentially pursue the same objectives.

  • newrouter

    Donald J. Trump Verified account

    Fidel Castro is dead!

  • J Lee

    I remember when I was a student and I dared to suggest that socialist Cuba might be anything less than a total paradise on earth. I seriously thought my professor was going to kick me out of the seminar for espousing such heresies…

  • Cesare

    Good riddance to vile trash, join Che in Hell. Viva Cuba Libre!

  • Sam Duncan

    “According to Red Ken, Cuba had first rate education and healthcare.”

    A reminder of what Livingstone considers first rate. And of what the banana republic (one of the richest countries in the world) looked like before Castro and his cronies “turned it into a player on the world stage”.

    That last statement really tells you all you need to know about the kind of people who excuse the likes of Castro. Neither great wealth or crushing poverty is as important as being a player in the Game. When it comes to the “world stage” that actually matters to individual men and women, that of trade, business, and the creation of wealth, Cuba is barely on the radar any more. But its corrupt, disgusting, dictatorship scared the Americans! And it was useful to the corrupt, disgusting, Soviet dictatorship! It was somebody!

    Politics, and politicians, really are hateful.

  • Exploding Cigar

    Fidel Castro is dead!

    Say what you like about Trump, but at least he put an exclamation mark at the end of that sentence.

    Meanwhile, here in Australia, $1.2 billion of public money gets you this:

    “Fidel Castro: Cuba’s bearded, cigar-smoking romantic revolutionary”

    I also saw this on Twitter, which makes me want to punch someone.

    “Why should some live for thirty-five years, so that others can live for seventy years?”

    Maybe because the seventy year old runs a police state and had the thirty-five year old shot. How can these idiots be so credulous?

    But fuck ’em. Let’s instead all sit back and relax with a nice cold Cuba Libre and raise a toast to a libre Cuba. Salud!

  • Greyhare74

    Guido Fawkes (order-order.com) has compiled a useful collection of loony eulogies. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at:
    Ken L “people who praised Hitler in WW 2 were thrown into jail” (It’s called treason, Ken)

    BBC: “He was accused of being a dictator”

  • Alisa

    Here’s a useful compilation of a different sort.

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    And here’s an old joke, suddenly made topical. But you probably need to live in Miami to appreciate it.

    Fidel Castro dies and goes to Heaven.

    “No way,” says St. Peter. “You’re not getting in, not after all that you did.”

    At this Castro shrugs. “Hay no problema,” he replies and goes down, down, down, all the way to Hell. There he’s greeted by The Devil like an old friend and, before long, the two of them are having a great time together.

    Suddenly, Castro cries out: “Oh,no! I left my bags at the Gates of Heaven.”

    “Don’t worry,” says The Devil. “I’ll send a couple of demons to fetch them for you.”

    Arriving at the Gates of Heaven, the two demons cannot see any sign of either St. Peter, who’s on his lunch break, or the bags. So they decide to climb the gates, in the hope of finding the bags but, while doing so, are seen by a couple of angels.

    “Oh no,” says one of the angels. “Castro’s not yet been in Hell for two hours, and already we’re getting refugees.”

  • Laird

    And of course Francisco Franco is still dead.

  • Deep Lurker

    Schrodinger’s Dog,

    Not just Miami. Some of us remember when Bill Clinton was gung ho about deporting illegal immigrants.

  • Paul Marks

    There were indeed celebrations in Miami.

    I wish I had been there – but alas I was not.

    From what I have seen (via the wonders of modern technology) my late mother would have loved Miami – lots of art deco houses in bright colours near the beach (yes I know there are less attractive areas of Miami).

    Havana is full of old Spanish buildings – but away from the area propped up by international preservation money, they are crumbling away. Ruins I find sad – (even of buildings that are in a good style), so I think I would prefer to be in Miami than Havana. As would virtually other human being on Earth.

    As for Mr Castro – unless he sincerely repented before the end, he will burn in Hell for all Eternity for his murders and so on.

    Although people as the Prime Minister of Canada (perhaps the most stupid person on the planet – although there is stiff competition for this title) clearly regard Mr Castro as a wonderful human being full of “love for the Cuban people”.

  • Paul Marks

    By the way some of Miamis social problems are directly due to Mr Castro.

    Some years ago Mr Castro emptied his prisons (only the rapists and murderers and so on – not political prisoners) and the homes for the mental ill, and the beggars on the streets – and sent them all to Florida (he did this because Mr Castro knew that American law states that anyone from Cuba who touches land can say – apart from a little boy of course when Mr Castro and the Clintons want to show local Cuban Americans “who is boss”).

    This is why the BBC can say “no beggars on the streets of Havana” – there are of course some beggars (although they are arrested and sent to prison – as used to be the case in many countries at one time), but far less than their would be had Mr Castro not sent lots of “undesirables” to the United States a few years ago.

    But there we go – and the vast majority of Cuban Americans are good people escaping from a murdering Marxist tyrant. One can not make law on the basis of Mr Castro’s tricks.

  • Paul Marks

    Although both Senator Rubio and Senator Cruz (both Cuban Americans) want the United States to have the right to refuse people who the Communist regime in Cuba has SENT – rather than people who really have escaped.

  • Rich Rostrom

    This story reported by Caracas Chronicles exemplifies the rot of Castro’s Cuba. Money quote: “I love omelettes and I refused to sleep with random French truck drivers just to eat them more than once every two weeks.”

  • Mr Ed

    Refreshing to see on twitter that the hashtag #trudeaueulogies has a fair amount of mockery.