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Behold a twitter account that sums up my feelings regarding the impending US election

Given the choice between Hillary or Trump, I vote for the SMOD!

Oh yeah. I was going to tag this post as ‘humour’ (not being a ‘u’ starved American) but I decided not to 😛

19 comments to Behold a twitter account that sums up my feelings regarding the impending US election

  • Alsadius

    SMOD is not beholden to poll results – SMOD is its own meteor, with its own agenda for the future.

    Also, any time the humour/humor discussion comes up, I try to sneak in a reference to “our spelling”, just to see if anyone notices the pun. Nobody ever seems to, though.

  • A rather good list here …


    … of all the people who are supposed to have destroyed Trump.

    Which raises the question of whether meteor could.

  • Heh, yes that is a very good question, Brian

  • Personally I prefer Cthulu to SMOD, but either of them to Fluffy or Shelob.

    God Save Us All.

  • CaptDMO

    For the record…
    I support the Dunning/Kruger 16′ ticket.
    I was tempted to make yard signs and bumper stickers, but I’m too cheep for practical irony

  • Simon Jester

    Walken-Busey 2016 is looking better and better.

  • Basement cat for the win!

  • Runcie Balspune

    Trump looks like a meteor hit him already.

  • bobby b

    Over here, it’s the Sweet Meteour of Death.

  • rxc

    No matter whether we elect Hillary or Donald, there will be a lecherous man installed in the White House on Jan 20. However, if Hillary is elected, the lech will not be alone, but will be accompanied by a skilled, determined, and proven liar, in everything she says. One who has no scruples and only thinks about power for herself.

  • Brian Micklethwait, October 17, 2016 at 2:28 pm: “… list … of all the people who are supposed to have destroyed Trump.”

    Is there a list anywhere of all the scandals that were supposed to have destroyed the Clintons?

    I’m not much interested in reading any such list, but, while I’m sure Trump would agree with you that his ego would survive SMOD impact, I suspect Hillary and Bill have a “Get out of being hit by SMOD free” card stashed away somewhere. 🙂

  • bobby b

    Niall, I’m pretty sure the SMOD wouldn’t ever hit Trump’s ego.

    Professional courtesy and all.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes indeed – it may be that a good President will swear the oath of office in January 2021. But I will not live to see that – so I will go out with my last memory of an American election of 2016. Perhaps the most stupid election ever in American history.

    Still let us hope that the West survives the coming time-of-trial.

    Let us hope that economic collapse does not also mean social and cultural collapse.

    Although, and I mean no offence to Americans reading this, I have been shocked by the low cultural level of many of the voters.

    Middle aged men acting like teenagers – badly behaved teenagers.

    This is not the America of old – people in New Hampshire and so on have shown a horrible decline in dignity.

  • (not being a ‘u’ starved American)

    At least we have the good sense to pronounce R’s where they are on the page and not move them around. 😉

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker!) Gray

    Why do people like being pirates so much? Because of all the R & R!
    Americans were trying to simplify spelling, but then let in all sorts of half-breed spellings. How is Schuerzinger meant to be pronounced?

  • If you can speak German, you’ll have no problem with the pronunciation. 🙂

  • Laird

    True enough, Ted. But here’s someone who “Americanized” the name by dropping that extraneous “u”! 😛

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker!) Gray

    So I must learn to speak German before I visit America. Any other languages I must learn- Oy, I know Yiddish would be compulsory!

  • bobby b

    “Any other languages I must learn . . .

    I’m guessing that Farsi is going to become more important.