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The Power of the Daleks – a correction

In a previous blog posting I may have given the impression that the rediscovery of the missing episodes of the Power of the Daleks Doctor Who serial would be about as welcome to the BBC as a new series of Jim’ll Fix It.

Of course, the impression that I meant to convey was that the BBC would in fact be delighted to be once again be in possession of the telerecordings and failing that would be quite prepared to go to the effort of animating the entire thing and making it available online from 5 November onwards.

6 comments to The Power of the Daleks – a correction

  • Great news. I hope the animation will live up to my dim and distant memory of the original in the scene where the Daleks start mass-producing themselves, while pretending to the colonists that there are only three in total and their destructors don’t work.

    I had forgotten that it all took place on the planet Vulcan. Surely the Doctor could have called in Mr Spock, or his father, to help. 🙂

    Although your analogy, relating this old series to more modern issues, was a delight, I think a beeboid would have to be thinking outside the beeb’s box to come up with it. Thus I am not surprised they failed to suppress this initiative – poor deluded fools. “Oft PC will shall PC mar!” 🙂

  • Of course, given that Dr Who was always filmed on a shoe-string budget, it may well be the props department had only 3 daleks in total, and the plot was skilfully adapted to that, with each dalek exiting right, being rushed round behind a screen and re-entering left in the great scene I just recall. I was (very!) young and may have been fooled. 🙂

  • Patrick Crozier

    They had four props as it happens. If that does not demonstrate the hold that Doctor Who has on some people I don’t know what would.

  • PhilB

    @ Patrick Crozier – I thought I was a bit of a nerd when I discussed the conversion of the Dalek arm from “sink plunger” to pincer type claw with the younger generation but that article blasts me into the bushes!

    All hail to the Supreme Dalek Lord of Dalek trivia. I’ll have to buy a new settee to hide behind when the new programme is broadcast. >};o)

  • Laird

    Don’t fret too much about giving that erroneous impression, Patrick. It’s a mistake anyone could have made.

  • Paul Marks

    Good news.