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The weirdness of the modern world

The Chinese People’s Daily features an article called “The miracle called Communist Party of China”.

With uncensored comments.

21 comments to The weirdness of the modern world

  • So what happened to Scientific Socialism?

  • Alisa

    It’s in English, so who cares.

  • Darin

    It is already gone. For the ppl who missed it, it was 1950’s style praise for the Party for miraculous building of capitalism.

    CPC has given China a strong identity, a resolute sense of purpose and self, and transformed the once slumbering giant into a global, economic, military and strategic power.

    As a young schoolboy, China for me was a little red book. Intrigued by pictures of smiling children proudly holding the book and reading from it, I also wanted to share the magic of that special looking book. And that’s how I learnt about a party called the Communist Party of China (CPC). But as I grew older, I realized that unlike any other typical party CPC was more of an ideological whirlwind. How else does one describe an ideological platform with 86 million committed members? CPC is not one of the many miracles of China. It is the miracle maker.

    For all who are nostalgic for the old Mao times, here is your fix, brought by capitalists from Google;-)

    One Hour of Chinese Communist (maoist) Music

  • PhilB

    No need to scoff … substitute “EU” for “Communist party of China” and you can use it as boilerplate.

  • The Wobbly Guy

    The modern world is really weird.

    The capitalists of China (state capitalism, true, but it’s still capitalism of a sort) call themselves communist.

    The wannabe communists of the West style themselves capitalists.

    Up means down.

    Love means war.

    Knowledge is ignorance.

  • How else does one describe an ideological platform with 86 million committed members?

    Global warming?

  • Paul Marks

    I have commented – giving a few book references.

    I also note that the author of the article had an Islamic name – part of the alliance of China with the Islamic World (in spite of the PRC killing lots of Muslims inside its empire).

    Putin’s Russia, the Islamic powers, and (biggest challenge of all) the People’s Republic of China. All in alliance (Putin has made friends with Sunni Turkey as well as Shia Iran – and China showed him how).

    Hard not to believe that the West is doomed.

  • Hard not to believe that the West is doomed.

    Only because of our own feckless leadership. The Chinese can’t to anything other than copy (badly) outdated Western technology (I’ll believe in Chinese technical abilities when they successfully market their own airliner); the Russians can barely get their provincial traffic lights to work; and the Pakistanis? Heh.

    In fact, this article reminds me of one I wrote in 2011 called “Some Shit They Supposed to Do” about how Russia wants to be praised for simple accomplishments the West had managed without fanfare as a matter of course decades earlier. Here we have the CPC finally realising that capitalism works and communism doesn’t, some 40 years after they had ignored all the warnings and proven just that to the tune of tens of millions of corpses, and we are supposed to be impressed? For example:

    Health, education, and rural support form the backbone of China’s new policy.

    This is what we’re supposed to be cheering in 2016? What Europe achieved in about 1950? And we’re supposed to be impressed because this is being done, 50 years too late, by the same dingbats who caused the delay in the first place?

  • Robert Thorpe

    Darin says this page has already gone, but it hasn’t it’s still there. They must have thought about pulling it then had second thoughts.

  • John Galt III


    You are on a roll – witty and correct.


  • I stuck this in the comments there:

    “The US is envious of CPC”

    USA GDP per capita (PPP): $55,837
    China GDP per capita (PPP): $14,239
    World Bank figures (2015). Nominal figures are even more extreme naturally. Yeah they are so envious 🙂

    EDIT: and using IMF 2015 figures:
    Taiwan GDP per capita (PPP): $46,783 … so perhaps THIS would be what mainland China would look like now without the CPC in change.

  • so perhaps THIS would be what mainland China would look like now without the CPC in change.

    Taiwan is to China what Israel is the Arab world: an embarrassment for showing up how shambolic they are.

  • Fraser Orr

    Hmmh, I’d remind you all of that wonderful phrase “Let a thousand flowers bloom.” A phrase that I used to use a lot to refer to the idea that in free speech we have a competition of ideas not a control of ideas.

    However, I stopped using it when I found the provenance. It was first said by Mao Tse Dung, and was used to have intellectuals speak against the party, and that information was subsequently used to find those dissidents and execute them. It is what I thought of when I read the OP.


  • Rob Fisher

    Does anyone know anything about CPEC?

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    Not least of all the weird aspects of this is the fact that the thugs and kleptocrats making up the present Communist Party of China truly are the best government China has had in most of our lifetimes.

  • Greytop

    I would have thought miracles was more to to do with deities and religion and all that stuff which seems distinctly un-ChiCom.

    Surely ‘tractor production’ would be better than ‘miracle’ in this headline, agreed?

  • Julie near Chicago

    Yes, I saw the marks of the Evil Hippo in the comments — and not once, but twice. Now that’s my kinda Hippo, although bringing facts to the table often makes for unpleasant dinner conversation.


    Fraser, I’m sure there was neither malice or sarcasm or snark intended, and that was purely an innocent typo. 😉

    That noted (with appreciation), thanks for the info on the Thousand Flowers Campaign. I knew Mao is allegedly the originator of the quote (though naturally some sources say he lifted it from some Ancient Chinese Saying or something), but I didn’t know the background at all.

  • Runcie Balspune

    You rotten little troll, you, Perry.

    Carry on.

  • Runcie Balspune

    The difference between the US and the CPC is priority, given the choice between (a) spending billions getting clean air and water to its citizens, and (b) spending billions getting a robot on another celestial body in the solar system, the US tends to put (a) before (b).

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker!) Gray

    The Chinese have always thought that governments need not be bound by the laws of the land, so they probably feel that the laws of nature are similar. If miracles are contrary to natural laws, so what!? The Communist party is not bound by the rule of law! Miracles should be par for the course.

  • Bruce


    “the thugs and kleptocrats making up the present Communist Party”.

    Looked closely at ANY government on this planet lately?

    Some are just more discrete in their thuggery and kleptocracy.