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Samizdata random picture of the day

Because I cannot bring myself to write about Brexit yet again, I thought I would let you know what sits behind me every day…

Adam Smith threatened by a xenomorph!

…that said, as the UK will be taking control of its borders, we can keep those damn xenomorphs out now! Oh, I just wrote about Brexit again! 🙁

29 comments to Samizdata random picture of the day

  • stef

    Glancing at the image, my immediate impression was that this post would be commentary on today’s latest in the US.

  • AKM

    …it’ll be dark soon and they mostly come at night. Mostly.

  • QET

    In Samizdata no one can hear you scream.

  • Mr Ed

    An alien is about to grab my bust.

  • Julie near Chicago


  • Actually yes Laird 😉


    EDIT: this one is a better picture 😀


    The secrets of samizdata HQ revealed.

  • Cristina

    But why are you using a wig?

  • Marcher

    I’m guessing that’s Adam Smith wearing the wig, Perry’s probably the one behind him!

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker!) Gray

    No doubt the outline is from some hippo-hater who died in ‘mysterious’ circumstances.

  • David

    Aha. Obviously slain whilst trying to prevent the theft of seven bottles of wine, one of which had been opened, as that is not blood on the mat.

  • Laird

    I should have known.

  • the frollickingmole

    An amusing art piece, I think I shall call this installation “Creeping regulation”.

  • Love xenomorphs. Hate eusocialsim.

  • Curses. I meant to type eusocialism, or possibly eusociality.

    But the way that the name of a system of caste-bound hierarchical collectivism breaks down into “EU” plus “socialism” pleases my fancy.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    No hippo?

  • Not enough pixels have been minted to show my entire hippo collection, so here is a splendid hippo door stop…


  • AKM

    Dear God, the poor thing is crying out in pain with a huge spear sticking out of its’ back!

  • Being a hippo is tough, which may be why they are so irascible.

  • Watchman

    Surely Hippos are proof of God’s existence, benevolance and very evil sense of humour (if your top speed and effective vision mean you can only make out things about one second in front of you, whilst shifting several tons of mass along just about within the urban speed limit, then you must be someone’s evil joke)?

    Or quite possibly they are really gods themselves.

  • Or quite possibly they are really gods themselves.

    Indeed. Hail Tawaret 😉

  • Paul Marks

    In all four “Aliens” films – factions (either commercial or military) think they can make use of the aliens.

    And in all four cases they are proved wrong – horribly wrong.

    I am just listening to Mr “Tony” Blair.

    He has studied the Middle East and the rest of the Islamic world for many years now.

    Yet he is still stuck in the same delusion – that Islam is good and the only problem is some nasty people who have perverted the religion.

    He would make the same mistakes again.

    Take the example of Hungary – in October there will be a vote on whether to submit to the E.U. orders to accept many thousands of the forces of Islam.

    If I said to Mr Blair “But Sir the Hungarians fought for more than a century to end the Islamic occupation” he would either assume I was a “hater” or a “racist” – or, at best, would not see the connection with the vote in October or think that the comparison is not valid.

    After all there is nothing wrong with what Mohammed taught – indeed he is a “perfect model of conduct”.

    The problem is just a few nasty people who have distorted his life and teachings.

    That is what Mr Blair thought in 2003 – and it is what he still thinks.

  • Marcher

    Only Paul could turn a humorous thread like this into an excoriation of Tony Blair 😀

  • Watchman


    This is not a humourou thread – it is a secret attempt to convert us all to the cult of the great hippo-god Tawaret.

    Although the cunning plan on behalf of the Hippopotamusphiles (just noted hippophiles would be those who like horses in time…) has perhaps been undermined by my revealing it in single sentence paragraphs.

    This is clearly also the fault of Tony Blair.

    Or perhaps cultural Marxists (none of whom have due respect for hippos).

  • Laird

    I await the ultimate, and inevitable, conflict between the hippo-god Tawaret and the Great Frog. It should be epic!

  • Watchman


    At least until the Hollywood remake CGIs it to death…

  • Laird

    Perhaps the hippo-god’s name isn’t Tawaret but rather Pablo Escobar?