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“Et tu, Beetrute?”

I am not the only one who perceives a Caesarian theme to modern British politics. This portrait of political treachery chilled me to the marrow:

Entry into vegetable competition in summer fête in London

10 comments to “Et tu, Beetrute?”

  • bobby b

    As dishonorable as a bunch of Greens.

  • Mr Ed

    That’s a turnip for the books. Yam ay disagree. Still, our new Foreign Secretary has swede revenge, he’s living the dolce verde now, as isn’t a has-bean any more. As for Mr Gove, that’s shallot.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker!) Gray

    Now we’ll have peas in our thyme. Lettuce look for a brighter tomarrow, cumquat May!

  • Paul Marks

    Indeed Natalie, indeed.

  • David

    Looks rather meloncollie[flower].

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    In a thread that has sprouted many a good pun, this one from Mr Ed was my favourite: “As for Mr Gove, that’s shallot.”

    He shouldn’t have been zucchini to be prime minister. Now he’s taken endive and lost his ministerial celery.

  • staghounds

    The root of the problem is that it was too much for him tuber.

  • Julie near Chicago

    You nuts have all gone bananas. At least some of us can caul i flower even as we rut a baga and turn a nip, though it may not smell as wheat.

  • Julie near Chicago

    And our hostess reminds me of that old, if slightly flawed, Mother Goose rhyme:

    “Mistress Marrow,
    Quite counterr-row,
    How does your garden grow?”