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Who’d a thunkit? Juncker drunker than a skunk on a junket

Via Guido Fawkes, we see the leaders of the European Union at play.

13 comments to Who’d a thunkit? Juncker drunker than a skunk on a junket

  • Kevin B

    A drunken abusive bully. What a perfect metaphor for the EU.

    And notice that no-one dares to slap him back.

  • Alisa

    He calls Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán “the dictator” in front of the press…


  • John Doe

    This video is one year old :\

  • JohnK

    If you don’t like that president, the EU has got four others to choose from. It’s a heaven for bureaucrats, designed by bureaucrats, in the best interests of bureaucrats.

    If only the pesky little people would just learn to know their place and obey their instructions, everything would be just fine. For the bureaucrats.

  • Alisa

    This video is one year old :\

    Please don’t tell me he stopped drinking 🙁

  • Mr Ed

    It sounds friendly enough to me, as if they are all lining up for their press shots at a junket and the ‘dictator’ comment sounds as if it is an in-joke.

    I didn’t see him try anything with Merkel, but the prospect of a quick kiss probably would have sobered him up sharpish.

  • Rob Fisher

    This is great. Now whenever any of my pro-EU Facebook friends take the mickey out of Trump, I can reply with this video and point out that they’re seemingly happy with this buffoon in charge. Even funnier if they don’t know who he is.

    Mr Ed’s comment notwithstanding, of course. But they don’t hold with such excuses when it’s the other way around.

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    John Doe,

    The fact that the video did not become famous until a year after it was made shows how little scrutiny the EU leaders receive.

  • Cristina

    “Please don’t tell me he stopped drinking”

    As if! 🙂

  • Paul Marks

    The BBC (and the main internet things also) constantly cover up for the E>U.

    I wish all the voters could see films such as this.

  • Thailover

    Rob Fisher, Been there, did that.
    When Euro-snobs thumb their noses up at trump, I ask them (as publically as possible) “the EU has 4 presidents, so how many of your masters do you know by name? Would you recognize them if they walked up to you?”

    They usually shut the hell up at that point.

  • Mr Ed

    The Daily Mail has a piece on Juncker and alleges that he has cognac at breakfast.