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The fundamental reason FDA placed the public at greater risk of the health problems that come with smoking traditional cigarette was that it cannot pass up on a chance to expand its power. As the tortured language of the regulation shows, the FDA recognizes that e-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, but refuses to admit their potential positive consequences. Instead, the agency twists congressional intent in its deadly power grab.

Jared Meyer

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  • Snide

    As is often said in these parts: the state is not your friend.

  • Andrew Duffin

    The same thing is happening over here, though so far in a smaller and less threatening way: some talking-head was in the Telegraph yesterday saying that diseases caused by e-cigs “might” appear in the next ten years. Well, duh.

    Just like the Greens, who are utterly opposed to any form of cheap energy, however safe and clean, because it would mean no role for the nannies and nay-sayers, they simply cannot bear that something might happen to cause a reduction in the scope of their power over the rest of us.

  • Runcie Balspune

    They’ve just invested all that time and energy (and money on lawyers) getting the cigarette packaging changed … again. It’s almost as if they need people to smoke so as to prove their policy works. If people start giving up in droves to switch to e-cigarettes then there will be no statistics to support their nanny state intervention and make them look good.

  • Paul Marks

    Good post and good comments.

    And yet another evil fruit of the loose words “regulate interstate commerce”.

    Yes I know it meant (in context) ensure free trade between the States – but that is what it should have said.

    Use loose language and you get things like this.

  • Mr Ed

    diseases caused by e-cigs “might” appear in the next ten years.

    I doubt that any will, firstly that huge asteroid will arrive, and secondly they will all die from BSE first. Only the other day, I picked my way past 12 corpses on my way to the kebab shop.

  • Mr Ed

    And indeed, in some parts of the world, the hazards of e-cigs (such as they might be) would hardly seem to be as pressing as matters in Thailand.

    A Thai man is recovering in hospital after a 3m (10ft) python emerged from a squat toilet and sank its fangs into his penis.

  • Jerry

    Please Mr. Ed.
    I could have gone all day, maybe all next week WITHOUT that visual !
    Besides, can’t really blame the python, what would YOU do if someone decide to take a, um, relieve themselves on you ??

  • Mr Ed


    I suppose it would give a new meaning to a Thai holiday and telling a Ladyboy ‘Wanna try my python?