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Oh noez, Brexit be bad!

Just spotted this splendid summary of the dire consequences of Brexit:

6. The NHS will collapse as Bulgarian X-ray technicians head home, leaving thousands of Brits with badly-set broken limbs
7. When we tell German intelligence about terrorist threats, they will put their fingers in their ears and go ‘nah nah nah’ (actually, they probably do this already)
8. The British advance Battlegroup stationed on the Oder (two tanks, a platoon of RLC dog-trainers and a QM Sergeant) will be asked to return home

Check out the rest on Raedwald.

14 comments to Oh noez, Brexit be bad!

  • Julie near Chicago

    I dunno. I followed the link and I must say the list of dire consequences is mighty impressive.

    Maybe you should promise those who vote LEAVE an afternoon of playing with the dogs before the RLC returns home. (I note that Raedwald doesn’t say the dogs will come home, only the trainers; I know no decent Brit would leave the dogs behind to the tender mercies of the EU, and what’s this I saw about 60,000 Spanish greyhounds’ being put to sleep; so I conclude that the dogs have been in Britain all along. If in fact the dogs are also Over There and will return with the rest of the RLC, then Leavers should be promised playtime when the dogs return.)

    In sum: Heh. :>)

  • Nicholas (Excentrality!) Gray

    Australia has proved, in the Eurovision Song Contest, that it can compete with the rest of the world (by importing Asian talents, but she came second, so she’s a true-blue Aussie!). So we’ll use your place in the Contest, thank you!

  • Mr Ed


    It would be cruel to bring the dogs back home from the former BAOR playgrounds. All those German sausages they must enjoy, it would be the Wurst consequence of all from Brexit.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Mr Ed,

    From that do I gather that the dogs serve in the Army Catering Corps? It seems a good posting for healthy young hound who enjoys serving in the capacity of either Quality Control Inspector or Initial Dish Cleaner, except when the menu includes cooked celery.

    Anyhow, I should think they would be happy to return to the good old British Sausage. Think how hard P.M. Hacker had to work to beat down Bruxelles on the issue!

    Although my father-in-law was a delicatessen distributor, chiefly to German and Jewish delis in Chicago, and the wurst days we ever saw tended to be also among the best. Same goes for the cheesiest days. ;>)

  • NickM

    Ah, the Great British Banger! Deserves to go the same way as Rover Cars. Not that we can’t or don’t make good sausages but the classic banger is not one.

  • Mr Ed


    The other day I was driving back from the West Country. Admittedly, I was nearing (and then passed) Stonehenge, but even then I was surprised to see an ancient relic still functioning as intended, it was an Austin Montego Estate. It made another car I saw, a Ford Sierra, seem positively space-age.

  • As long as you avoid anything made by Wall’s (gah) or anything similarly generic, really good bangers are not hard to find as long as you stick to hipsterised areas. Sausages. Not cars.

  • Paul Marks

    We can laugh at the absurd pro E.U. lies of Mr Cameron, Mr Osborne and the rest of the establishment.

    But the opinion polls seem to show that “Project Fear” (the lie-fest) is working.

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    They forgot to mention that, in the event of Brexit, London will inevitably be destroyed by giant cockroaches.

  • Nicholas (Excentrality!) Gray

    I have read conflicting claims about how London, as a financial powerhouse, would fare if Britain embraced Brexit. Frankfurt and Paris would try to become the center of European finance, but does anyone really know if firms would desert Britain, because there are more customers in Europe?

  • Julie near Chicago


    Mig*d! I had no idea the Polar Bears will die if we you Brexit! And here I was planning to go up there and bring a couple back here. I thought we could get one of those backyard inflatable wading pools and they could bathe in that if the urge took them, and food would be no problem as the last 26# bag of Purina Dog Chow is still unopened (sweet Lucy went to chase rabbits forever Beyond the Fields We Know, swiping off Lin Carter, who might have swiped off George McDonald, just before Christmas last). There’s also an unopened large bag of medium-sized Meaty Bones.

    But we’re Brexiting in just over a month, June 23 I believe, and I don’t think I have an opening in my schedule to get up there to fetch them before that. And what about booking the airline reservations and all? I just don’t think it can be done in time.

    Poor bears…. 🙁

    . . .

    The anchorlady also details other disastrous consequences, and Miss Claire Voyante adds even more.

    I suppose I am a pervert … I found watching the thing most enjoyable! :>)) Thanks.

  • Nicholas (Excentrality!) Gray

    Q. How many polar bears would it take to change a light bulb?

    A. None, so who cares if they do all drown?!!!

  • Julie near Chicago

    Nicholas, your callousness is appalling! Who cares? I care, that’s who! The Polar Bears are so cute and cuddly, as long as you enjoy them from at least 3000 miles away, which I am assured, by an outdoorsy guy of my online acquaintance who knows his black bears, is the minimum distance prudence would suggest.

    Apparently when feeling peckish they’re inclined to forget that they’re just big white Teddy bears, and start thinking of you as lunch.

    So maybe after all I should re-think the backyard wading pool idea. :>)