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One from Milo’s college tour

It is worth watching the panel session with Milo Yiannopolous, Stephen Crowder and Christina Hoff Summers at the University of Massechusets.

Of course the event, organised by the Republican Club, is disrupted by heckling lefties who think that the format of a panel session infringes their free speech. And Milo is typically provocative.

But watch out too for very good arguments from Milo and Christina. Milo in particular demonstrates his ability to concisely make powerful, well-reasoned arguments.

That the talk is punctuated by heckling with Milo’s provocative one-liners and Stephen Crowder’s rants just makes it all the more entertaining.

Finally, here’s a quote from Milo that could forecast the end of the PC movement:

This is the year the public starts to see these videos. My college tour is penetrating way outside the media that is usually interested in this stuff. Your parents are going to start pulling you from college if you keep this shit up.

13 comments to One from Milo’s college tour

  • It would be hard to overstate the importance of being in-yer-face provocative and when they take the bait, like that hilarious tub of lard did, getting even more provocative rather than backing off. Awesome.

  • PeterT

    Hopefully 2016 will mark the beginning of the end for go-along-to-get-along conservatives.

  • Mr Ed

    OK employers, where’s the milk round to hire some choice future managers from that audience?

  • Ljh

    I watched the whole thing: rivetting, entertaining and cogent. Three great speakers!

  • Paul Marks


  • PersonFromPorlock

    “Massechusets”: a new way to misspell “Massachusetts.” I didn’t think it was possible! ;^)

  • Bod

    ‘cos MassAchusetts sounds racisty!

  • llamas

    It’s an excellent presentation. Milo is, as always, pitch-perfect. Dr Sommers and Crowder need to work on their deliveries.

    This video does not include the view of one of the most-vocal protesters, whose performance may be seen at Mediaite and on the YooChoobs. This woman is such a perfect example of exactly what Milo, Dr Sommers and Crowder were talking about (appearance, behavior, affect) that I am almost tempted to think that Milo is bringing deliberate plants to salt his appearances. I’m a big fan of stereotypes (because they are so often correct) but this person is so exaggeratedly-stereotypical that I can’t help but think that she is a deliberate caricature of the ‘angry, lesbianic, fascistic, third-wave hate feminist’ that Milo regularly describes.



  • llamas

    Almost forgot – my co-worker and I were watching the YooChoobs video of this protester last evening, and he remarked – ‘Look at her – voted Most Likely To Fake A Hate Crime Against Herself.’ Hammer, meet nail.



  • Eric

    It’s an excellent presentation. Milo is, as always, pitch-perfect. Dr Sommers and Crowder need to work on their deliveries.

    Behind all the bombast Milo is a hell of a smart guy. Christina Hoff Somers is smart too, but she suffers from taking it all more seriously. She does identify as a feminist, after all, just not a “third wave” feminist.

    Crowder has never impressed me.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Milo’s two appearances on the BBC show “The Big Questions” are required viewing.

  • Fraser Orr

    I also watched the whole video last night, and really enjoyed it. Actually I thought the crowd was pretty tame compared to what you often see. After all 95% of the time the speakers could readily make their points. Although I have heard of him I have never actually seen him before, and Milo really is fabulous. He has obviously mastered this forum with a perfect combination of self deprecation, contemptuous sneering and extremely cogent and devastating arguments.
    Ms. Sommers was intelligent and well informed, but was kind of weak to handle this type of crowd, but I imagine that she is learning from Milo and will become extremely good in time. She obviously had a lot of good things to say, but still needed to work on how to say them in such an environment.

    Unlike some of the commentators her I thought Crowder was excellent also. He was extremely skilled at handling the difficult crowd, though I think that his arguments, while good, were not quite so devastating as Milo.

    However, all were excellent, and the video was both entertaining and valuable. Thank you to these three for taking on the extremely difficult job of trying to talk some sense into these empty headed balls of passion. Perhaps a couple of them actually learned something and had their thoughts challenged, and with all that passion, who knows what it might bring about when directed in a more profitable endeavor.

    However, I definitely want to watch more of Milo. He was perfectly calibrated.

  • Dom

    llamas, she’s a real activist, not associated with milo. Her name is Cora Miriam, sometimes Cora Segal.