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Bill Whittle slays it

I have met Bill, and he is splendid chap to put it mildly. But I clearly need to watch him more closely because a few days ago he revealed himself to be a man of hitherto unguessed talents. He is a… rapper!

21 comments to Bill Whittle slays it

  • Julie near Chicago

    Heh. Very good! Thanks, Perry. :>))!!

  • mezzrow

    Not bad, for a Gator. When I look for someone who says what I’m thinking better than I do, I go to Whittle.

  • Sigivald

    I remember the old days when Bill Whittle wrote things down, rather than talking in front of images.

    Back then I actually took in his opinions, because they were accessible. (And they were mostly good, and even when I didn’t agree, they were thoughtful.)

    Now, thanks to video, they’re blockaded (because I can’t listen to them at work, and honestly, reading is far faster), and they’re also un-indexable; no way to find one from memory of what he said, no way to quote him, no way to easily link someone else to what he has to say unless they’re in a position to spend five or ten minutes listening.

    So he’s got … far less of an impact than he used to have.

    (So this is really just my broader rant against using video as a primary means of communication; it’s horrible.)

  • Laird

    I, too, am fan of Bill Whittle, but I had missed this one. I especially liked his discussion of “Skeltonic verse”, with which I was previously unfamiliar but which I will now be sure to “appropriate” for my own purposes.

    Unlike Sigivald, I was unfamiliar with Whittle’s work when he merely “wrote things down”, and so have no basis for comparison. And it probably would be good if he were to post a transcript of his talks for ease of reference. Nonetheless, I think the tempo and demeanor of his delivery adds much to the message, which would be lost in mere written words. Anyway, video is rapidly becoming the “primary means of communication”, so old fogies such as Sigivald had better get with the program or be relegated to the dustbin of history!

  • I met Bill in California at the very dawn of political blogging when we were almost all somethinglibertarianhere.blogspot.com blogs and when we tended to be called “war blogs” (because it was 9/11 that caused many of the early blogs to appear). I liked him then and I like him now. It was also when I met the late and much lamented Andrew Breitbart.

  • Alisa

    I remember him from when Stephen Den Beste first linked to him on his now defunct blog.

    I also prefer reading to watching a video in most cases, but Sigivald is very wrong about Whittle having lost audiences because of moving to video – on the contrary, I know several young people who discovered Bill thanks to his video clips and are quite the fans. So he may have lost some of his older fans, but gained new younger ones – the way I see it, it is a net-positive development.

  • Julie near Chicago

    We longtime subscribers to pjtv have gotten the e-mail message: As of May 11, pjtv.com will expire. We are told to go to pjmedia.com to see whatever there is to be seen there.

    Here’s a comment (one of several) on the coming death, found at


    P. Snowflake
    Dear PJTV efriends,

    I invite you to come and bring your PJTV refunds over to billwhittle.com and join the Common Sense Resistance. With PJTV kicking us all to the curb, in the middle of the biggest election any of us have ever experienced, we need a new place to rally and billwhittle.com is that place. If Bill, Scott and Steve get enough PJTV subscribers over on Bill’s website we can continue to have our Trifectas and perhaps much more. I think we need this, especially now. If I am being completely honest, my request is partly selfish; I do not wish to lose all of you. You are my friends now. I appreciate your comments, ideas and perspectives. When I feel that every last person on the face of the earth has gone stark raving mad, I come here. I read your comments, partake of your sanity and realize there are still thoughtful, intelligent, normal people left in the world. Please come join me over at billwhittle.com. PJTV handed us a boat load of lemons — let’s be good conservatives and set up a lemonade stand!

    Your efriend always,
    P. Snowflake

  • Julie near Chicago

    Mr. Whittle’s site ejectejecteject.com went out of existence altogether in 2012, but his written pieces are still available, thanks to the Wayback Machine.

    The last good catches by Wayback occurred sometime last year (2015). For instance, we can still read the archives via links in the right sidebar, from


    The archives cover the years from inception, 2002, through 2012; but there are no essays after Nov. 27, 2008. From then till 2012 it lay fallow, and the one 2012 posting just says he’s got new digs at pjtv.

    I discovered those essays sometime back around 2005, before the UTs and pjtv and all that. I haven’t reread any of them in years, but at the time I was greatly impressed. I would recommend giving them a try before they, too, to dust returneth.

    . . .

    Of all of Mr. Whittle’s videos, I still think the clear gold-medal winner is the Afterburner of May 1, 2009, explaining the truth of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings to Norman Liebowitz, a.k.a. “Jon Stewart,” who had announced on his news “comedy” show that Pres. Truman was guilty of war crimes. This should not be missed by anyone — if it is still available. pjtv.com has a button that purports to lead you to the Afterburner archives, but it takes you to a pjmedia.com URL that sports a “404 not found” message. I hope that after the move it really will be available, either on pjmedia.com or, even better, at

    http://billwhittle.com/ ,

    which lists a good many of his videos and actually carries at least some of them.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Here’s the URL for a transcript (with minor editing, as Bill notes) of the Afterburner video “The True Story of the Atomic Bombs.” I suppose it’s too long to post here. :>(

    There are several photos at the source.

    I still hope the video will re-surface (but it will probably require some sort of subscription to watch), because words on the page don’t convey the effect of the presentation.


    A little bit from the beginning, to set the stage:


    May 19th, 2009 8:08 am

    (This is the script of an Afterburner video that ran on May 1st, 2009. Some very minor changes have been made in the print version.)

    Recently, a friend and colleague of mine – Cliff May, President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, who I work with weekly at PJTV – made an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

    Cliff and Mr. Stewart were having a heated argument on the subject of what constitutes torture and what is merely coercion. Here’s how the conversation unfolded:

    Cliff May: Do you think that in World War Two we did not inflict pain and suffering on suspects in Europe and Japan–.

    Jon Stewart: –I would hope we didn’t waterboard people. I would hope we–.

    Cliff May: –We did do Hiroshima. Do you think Truman is a war criminal for that?

    Jon Stewart: (pause) Yeah.

    Cliff May: You do?

    Jon Stewart: Yeah.

    This view, expressed by Jon Stewart* and shared by millions, is becoming ever more widely held the farther from the event we become. Stewart and others maintain that the atomic bombings were criminal acts, claiming that the targeted cities received no warning, that they were of no military value, that Japanese resistance was crumbling and their use was unnecessary, and that Japan was trying to surrender at the time of the bombings which were therefore nothing but an unjustified and brutal signal sent merely to show the Soviets who’s boss.

    None of these positions stand up to facts.

    Let’s come back to the moral issue in a moment. But let’s begin with the historical facts.


  • Paul Marks

    Very good.

  • Phil

    Bill Whittle.com here has it linked here

  • jsallison

    Sigivald @4:48

    I’m with you on this one. Much prefer the written word, he could put up accompanying transcripts.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Thanks, Phil. :>)

    I did search there, but I came up empty. I guess I didn’t guess the Magic Key…although I did look for Stewart. And I came up empty on billwhittle.com, too. :>(

  • Mr Ed

    Nice piece, and even nice that Bill deemed Sir Frank Whittle Lutterworth a mention.

  • Greytop

    I liked this so much I showed it to my wife, who has (or had) a tendency to vote Liebore and admired the former Viscount Stansgate… sorry, I mean Mr Benn. In all fairness, she is beginning to see through the left’s posturings these days and videos like this one help.

  • Alisa

    Much prefer the written word, he could put up accompanying transcripts

    I guess he could, provided he doesn’t have a life. Or, someone could pay him to hire someone to do that?

  • You are a good man, Greytop! Keep chipping away!

    I met Benn a couple time in debates in a dingy church hall in London. The term “disingenuous shit” springs to mind, but he was actually one of those people who nudged me towards a more libertarian world view, which was certainly not his intention.

  • Mose

    I’m such a fanboy I listen to Mr Whittle’s weekly 2 hr rambles on his youtube show “Stratosphere Lounge”. He is working to turn his little conservative video operation into a full-blown libertarian sci-fi movie production house, and from what I can see he damn well may pull it off. I even pay for a membership to his website. The world always needs more good scifi from folks like Bill.

  • jsallison

    Alisa @12:45

    “I guess he could, provided he doesn’t have a life. Or, someone could pay him to hire someone to do that?”

    I was thinking more like I expect that he doesn’t do these extemporaneously so there’s likely a script or some sort of written product that could be posted. Be most helpful for us iconoclastic, luddite, almost pensioners. Or mebbe he could ask Instadude to borrow a few of his vast legions of research assistants laboring in the sugar mines below UT. Now I’ve gone and done it, haven’t I?

  • Thailover

    I’ve always liked BW and his never-prosaic prose. But I’m compelled to mention the vid he did with Andrew Klavan “attacking” (my words) Ayn Rand. That was disappointing, not because they were dogpiling on someone I admire for a lot of reasons, (I don’t agree with her on everything BTW), but because they were critiquing her on points they simply did not do the slightest due diligence on and so they came across looking like the usual Rand critics…i.e. like dumbasses that did not understand what she meant by selfishness, altruism, etc. And of course that she was an atheist…forget about it, the bible-thumping conservatives all have heartburn about that, even though it’s painfully obvious that it’s the pro-theism position that requires faith. “Christianity”* would be the first to admit this.
    (*Excuse the reification).

  • Julie near Chicago

    Well, Thai, no shame in that. I don’t agree with anybody about everything (actually, mostly not even very much *g*), including me.

    However, I just watched the two of them getting a full Nelson on QM and rassling it to the ground, where it played ‘possum while they went on.

    Do you remember the title of the A.R.-bashing show? I always like to work up a good head of outrage about this time of night. Gives me something to think about while I go to sleep, so I don’t have to obsess about the latest ruddy-Gawd-help-us going on in DC. Or even Near Chicago.

    The worst anti-A.R. smear and diatribe I’ve ever seen, by the way, was from ZeroHedge. The dreadful so-called “Dr Eowyn” picked it up and posted it as proof of the Awfulness of Ayn Rand, and somebody posted her uninformed foulness to a board I’m on. It was bylined “George Washington,” but I’ve been told that everything at ZH is really “Tyler Durden’s” own stuff. Or was as of that time, anyway.

    So I won’t have anything to do with ZH or this ignorant woman, who isn’t about to do even the most basic research, either.