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Someone has made a smartphone app that gets you on a video call to a police officer at the touch of a button. I am sure it has its uses, but take a look at the promotional video.

As a Real Feminist, I have a better idea. So do many of the YouTube commenters.

16 comments to OnCamera

  • JohnK

    I think millennials are really starting to overestimate the power of a smartphone. I suppose this app is marginally better than nothing in places where armed self-defence is forbidden, but that’s the best I can say for it.

  • Mr Ecks

    It is one of the dumbest ideas in a long time. Presumably the cop message is a recording. Otherwise how many fat-arse bluebottles would they have to have on standby to make these stentorian threats? Maybe they would do better to hire a shit-load of actors –there are always loads more of them than there is acting work to do–to play especially convincing cops. More convincing than the real cops for sure. But then what if they get other work and the wannabe rapist is video confronted by some “cop” he has just seen in a dog food advert on telly.

    There is more potential for a really good sit-com episode in this gimmick than there is for crime-fighting. Hey why not have Adam West record a message as Batman (one last time) pointing out the criminal wrongness of assaulting and raping lone women? It is bound to stop a few rapes. If only because the evil-doer will be too busy laughing to follow thro’ on the crime.

    Get some guns girls, get some guns And the balls to carry and use them if the need arises.

  • Brian Swisher

    Their statistics are bullshit.

  • llamas

    Any stranger-danger rapist or attacker who would not be deterred by this would simply take an extra 3.2 microseconds to snatch the phone out of the woman’s hand and throw it over the side, before beating her to a pulp anyway. What a dumb-ass idea. It’s actually beyond dumb-ass – it’s more likely than not to simply enrage an attacker even more than he already was. Someone who’s fixin’ to attack you is not going to freeze in fear when you turn around and show him a smart-phone screen – oh, look, a smart-phone, I must stop and see what it says? Nonsense. The only effect it may have is to slightly-slow his fist as it heads towards your face. The sheer dumb-assery of thinking that a talking smart-phone screen will deter a violent attack just beggars belief. It’s like loading a picture of a pistol on your smart-phone and pointing that at an attacker.

    What’s the most-likely thing that will stop a violent attacker who’s decided to attack you?

    A pistol. Not a smart-phone.



  • Mr Ed

    Perhaps they could adapt it by putting his picture om Twitter and the negative reaction would multiply the deterrence. ‘Stop. You face a Twitter storm and a hashtag by your picture #everydaysexism‘.

  • Stuck-record

    This intellectual giant of genius inventor has obviously never heard of a mask.

    Imagine once the SJW crowd get this and start ‘alerting’ the police to ‘aggressors’. Good luck getting the police to believe you weren’t hassling someone. Oh! I know, you could record yourself as you approach every woman so you could play back the footage to prove your innocence. No. Wait. Then you’d be done for being a stalker and a camera pervert.


  • staghounds

    I’ll bet she’s glad gun control works, so both of them are unarmed right now.

  • staghounds

    Strike that- bet she’s glad her city has sensible gun laws, so he doesn’t have a gun either.

  • Nicholas (Excentrality!) Gray

    Why not make smart-phones in the shape of a gun? My idea- send all royalties to me!

  • Julie near Chicago

    If the commenters to the video are saying what I’m thinking, their remarks are unfit for my maidenly ears.

  • Watchman

    I’m pretty sure I can programme my phone to videocall a police officer at the touch of a button.

    I’m also pretty certain if I am being attacked that finding the right button would be a bit of a challenge. Never mind identifying the right app which I don’t normally use…

    Still, kudos to the inventor for identifying a potential market. We should admire the entreupreneurial spirit on display here… (I assume they are getting something out of this – even it is simply feminist kudos).

  • Paul Marks

    What is needed is for women to know self defence – and (in dangerous areas of the world) to carry weapons with which to defend themselves.

  • Paul Marks

    Still I have no objection to this recording – if it saves one woman, it is a good thing.

  • Irishbulldog

    In reply to Nicholas (Excentrality!) Gray.

  • Nicholas (Excentrality!) Gray

    I didn’t know that James Bond was working for the Camorra! This seems so much like something that ‘Q’ would invent! So I guess no royalties to me, but someone’s been very clever! I just hope that no-one pinches my idea of the inflateable wig, for men. (Women like tall men, apparently.)

  • JohnW

    I know something that might deter a stranger rapist…