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Anti-Brexit howler of the day

Oh, and today’s Brexit scare story appears to be pro football. Our clubs will be stymied if they can’t employ lots of Belgians. Don’t look at the fact that they do Employ lots of Africans who, AFAIK, aren’t EU citizens.

– Kevin B.

17 comments to Anti-Brexit howler of the day

  • (Les shakes head and then lowers palm to the left palm) “Reality is real, reality is real, reality is real…”

  • JohnK

    If it were actually true that Brexit would mean fewer Carlos Kickaballs littering the Premier League, most fans would vote for it. But it won’t be true, will it?

  • Runcie Balspune

    “We’re talking about half of the Premier League needing work permits.

    Premier League, 20 clubs, 11 men each, say 2 squads, 440 players, so that’s an extra 220 work permits, on top of the 175,000+ work permits (10,000+ for high skill work) issued every year – that’s going to impose on someone’s lunch break.

    Sounds like they’ve already forgotten the scandal of 15 years ago when non-EU players were using fake EU documents to play in European clubs, works both ways doesn’t it?

  • Mr Ed

    Talking of howlers, it would be a shame if goalkeepers like this Italian chap couldn’t ply his trade in the UK post-Brexit.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    We leave the EU. We decide who stays or goes.

  • Rob

    I remember fairly recent BBC articles bemoaning the number of foreign players in the Premier League.

    Now it’s BREXIT FOOTIE MELTDOWN on the BBC if those same foreign players have to go (which they won’t).

  • Pat

    @Hex, could be affected, need not be. After Brexit we choose what we want.
    So if the majority want foreign players or some subset of foreign players that is what we get. Of not, not.
    Plus we get to choose which subset of foreigners we accept.

  • Russtovich

    Actually, the Africans are EU citizens.

    Haven’t you heard of migrants? 🙂

  • TDK

    Funnily enough it appears to mirror the April Fool’s below.

    Euro ban if we leave EU

  • TDK

    Actually, the Africans are EU citizens.

    Haven’t you heard of migrants?

    For you alone, imagine Perry had written …who, AFAIK, weren’t EU citizens.

  • staghounds

    Laugh away. A not trivial number of British voters will make their decision based entirely on this headline.

  • To be fair, I think that the case for withdrawal from UEFA is a good deal stronger than the case for withdrawal from the EU.

  • Laird

    Michael, I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. Why not go for it all?

  • It’s not as if EU membership taught English players how to convert penalties.

  • Regional

    To avoid being pedantic there’re about 300,000 Frogs and about 300,000 Krauts living and working in Britain, mainly London. Remember the Left never worry about consequences.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Perry – the pro E.U. people are desperate, and their lies become wilder by the day.

    I am waiting for the Economist magazine to “objectively report” that we will get smallpox if we leave the E.U.

    “Unbiased expert opinion suggests…..”

  • Mr Ed

    Well the dreaded and dreadful HM Government leaflet for a ‘Stay’ has arrived in the post, it is truly lamentable, and very PC. Brexit win methinks.