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I don’t need a special month or special channel. What’s sad is that these insidious things only keep us segregated and invoke false narratives.

Stacey Dash

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  • CaptDMO

    If (fill in the blank) were alive today, they would have MEANT to imply exactly the opposite of what they MEANT to say yesterday.
    Somehow it just seems to end up that way in “expert” testimony.
    As always, follow the money.

  • Lee Moore

    The Washington Post has at least managed to absorb some of Matt Drudge’s* lessons. They – who do not approve of Ms Dash at all (she has after all escaped from the reservation) – make good use of one of her acting jobs in composing their headline :

    ‘Clueless’ actress Stacey Dash shreds Oscar diversity, BET, Black History Month and Obama

    * Though, to be fair, it’s not just Drudge – the BBC website is not at all bad at the well placed inverted comma trick

  • TimR

    A rare moment of common sense in the MSM. I can’t believe it!

  • Paul Marks

    Once the Civil Rights movement really was about black Americans being accepted as the same as any other Americans.

    However a long time ago the movement became about using blacks as a weapon against “capitalist America” and the “capitalist West” in general.

    Ditto the feminist movement and so on.

    And I think this transformation started even before the 1960s.

    Can things be changed back – changed back to when the objective of the Civil Rights movement was to get black people accepted as just people (no different from any other people)?

    I would like to think so.

    But I do not see how.

    There is so much history (a lot of it false history – but believed) and hatred now.

    And the fault is not entirely with the left.

    The corrupt bargain made in 1876-7 (let us have the Presidency and we will withdraw United States troops from the South) has a lot to answer for.

    In 1877 the Democrats in the South (the Redshirts and so on) attacked both black owned business enterprises (such as newspapers) and white owned business enterprises that were seen as “pro black”.

    And the Federal government did, basically, nothing.

    Things carried up being vile in the Democrat South for years and decades afterwards.

    Some Republican Presidents (such as Warren Harding) launched passionate verbal protests – but Ike actually intervened with troops.

    The period between 1877 and the 1950s was a terrible missed opportunity.

    An open door for the left to walk in.

    And they have.

  • David Moore

    I always knew there was a reason I fancied her….

  • Johnnydub

    What amuses me is that the “Black rights” mob really want to undo MLK’s central message – that someone be judged for their character and not their skin.

    So can we cancel the holidays, rename the streets and call it what it is – rancid range baiting?

  • jack listerio

    The Naacp has and always will be a front group organization for the spread of communism. Even its founder was an avid communist just the same as Martin Luther king was and financed by the Russians in his so called freedom marches………with a Russian in charge of themoney and how it was spent. MLKs FBI records were hit with a 50 year gag order. The first question is why! The why is because it will destroy the so called I HAVE A DREAM into the nightmare that MLK actually was and all his associates like Jessie Jackson and his shakedown rent a mob the rainbow push coalition. 2018 is when the FBI file will be open to public consumption. Be ready I only said a protion of what was already leaked from the file in past years.

  • Philip Scott Thomas

    Once the Civil Rights movement really was about black Americans being accepted as the same as any other Americans.

    Paul is quite right. The civil rights movement in the US was originally focussed on the Shylock argument:

    Doesn’t a Jew have eyes? Doesn’t a Jew have hands, bodily organs, a human shape, five senses, feelings, and passions? Doesn’t a Jew eat the same food, get hurt with the same weapons, get sick with the same diseases, get healed by the same medicine, and warm up in summer and cool off in winter just like a Christian? If you prick us with a pin, don’t we bleed? If you tickle us, don’t we laugh? If you poison us, don’t we die? And if you treat us badly, won’t we try to get revenge? If we’re like you in everything else, we’ll resemble you in that respect.

    The late 1960s/early 1970s, however, saw the rise of the Black Power movement. Much of the present-day black American culture has its roots in that movement.

  • Alisa

    Can things be changed back – changed back to when the objective of the Civil Rights movement was to get black people accepted as just people (no different from any other people)?

    I would like to think so.

    There is nothing to return to, as those objectives have been achieved, and there is nothing left for the Civil Rights movement to do. It’s either: continue to push the progressive agenda, or go find a real job.

  • Brad

    When the blacks turned from the Republicans to the Democrats (Roosevelt Democrats to be specific).


  • AngryTory

    The whole idea of civil rights is insidious communism, along with the “New Deal”, “Welfare State” and all the rest. The sooner we get rid of the whole mess the better.

  • lucklucky

    Good on her. A solitary fight against Apartheid America build by the Left Democratic Party and their minions in Media to have racial groups in electoral reservation.

  • Rich Rostrom

    Boy howdy, rats do come out sometimes.

    Communists did seek a leading role in the civil rights movement. As Robert Heinlein noted, the presence of Communists was a sort of litmus test for real social problems. When some people were genuinely aggrieved, Communists would show up to lead them against whatever the enemy was.

    But MLK was no Communist. See this passage on Communism from his 1957 book Stride Toward Freedom. Some passages:

    Communism, avowedly secularistic and materialistic, has no place for God. This I could never accept… as a Christian…

    …for the Communist … almost anything-force, violence murder, lying-is a justifiable means to the ‘millennial’ end.

    Man becomes hardly more, in communism, than a depersonalized cog in the turning wheel of the state.


  • AngryTory

    MLK was no Communist
    Mandela was no Communist
    Hiss was no Communist
    Harry Dexter White was no Communist
    Harry Hopkins was no Communist
    Fuchs was no Communist
    The Rosenbergs were no Communists
    Ayers was no Communist
    Meinhof was no Communist
    Alinsky was no Communist
    Sanders is no Communist
    Corbyn is no Communist

  • However a long time ago the movement became about using blacks as a weapon against “capitalist America” and the “capitalist West” in general.

    One of the most bizarre things I witnessed – and which I don’t recall anyone else commenting on so perhaps I’m alone in this – were the scenes last year when Selma was in the cinemas and there were riots over the shooting of Michael Brown. Dozens upon dozens (probably hundreds) of commentators made the connection between the two, saying that MLK’s battles are still being fought, as if the proud, educated, and principled Martin Luther King had anything in common with a welfare-dependent street thug with his pants halfway down his arse other than the colour of his skin. Did these idiots really think that MLK would have been on the side of Michael Brown and others like him? MLK must be turning in his grave at what Black America became following the success of the Civil Rights movement. I bet he and Rosa Parks would cross the road to avoid the likes of Brown, and do whatever it took not to live in the same neighbourhood as them.

  • AngryTory

    MLK was a communist. Of course he’d be with today’s communist terrorists.

  • Alisa

    Only MLK really was not.

  • Alisa

    Angry Tory: you know how a discussion thread works? You don’t just dump your comments before reading those made by others and addressing their points. That’s how it works – try that, you may find it satisfying.

  • MLK was not perfect. He was a womaniser for a start. Oddly enough J Edgar Hoover’s Feds didn’t seem concerned about this because I guess they just accepted powerful men were (think JFK, LBJ). And as to sexual deviancy Hoover was a bit odd – he liked to wear a frock and be called Mary. The Feds did attempt to dig as much dirt as possible on MLK and if he was in any meaningful sense a Red they would have nailed him although their obsession was bizarrely with the idea (see second sentence) he was homosexual. That dog really didn’t hunt.

    I have to agree with Alisa and Tim. He just wasn’t a communist. That some scum have appropriated his thought and twisted it through the n-th dimension doesn’t make him a Communist. I’ve been to the King Centre in Atlanta and I detected no hint of the Red. I was struck by some things though. They had some of his personal effects like one of his Bibles, his typewriter and his Levi’s denim jacket which was exactly the same as the one I was wearing at the time. I guess when you see Dr King it’s in B&W so must have happened when Noah was still speccing-up his big boat… Except it didn’t. King was shot really quite shortly before I was born. I was born in 1973 which was also the year Alabama had it’s first mixed-race marriage!

    My companion (a Jew) went to the eternal flame outside Ebeneezer Baptist Church were King preached. A black couple from Texas asked me to take their photo and of course I did. We had a chat the four of us – mainly about cameras and the weather – apparently it was warmer in Texas. Two black people, a Jew and me of the Anglo-Celtic race the likes of the KKK elevate in a demented way I despise having the most natural conversation you can imagine. I think Tim, Dr King would have liked that. We didn’t picnic together – it was rather cold but I suspect he’d understand.

    And then to what Paul Marks said. Yes. They wasted a century basically between the Emancipation Declaration and the end of segregation. No wonder seeing as this is still within living memory that rabble-rousers of the scumbag quality (Tim, MLK would rather have been shot than been seen with his pants down his ass because as Alisa said he was a proud man – he had no victim mentality) can promote inaccurately but plausibly.

    But that wasted century is still an issue in the USA because when you have a boil then lance it sooner rather than later. And Paul is very right about the Southern Democrats. Up until Harry S Truman (also been to his house) desegregated the military almost nothing was done. In a sense it had to be a Dem that did it. Having said that if the Dems think they are the “natural party” of minorities then they do have no sense of history. Again that is living memory time. And they don’t. We saw this with Obama. On election the BBC interviewed almost every black person in DC who was weeping tears of joy at this bizarre deliverance along the lines of “I never thought I’d see a black Prez…”. Well, I seem to recall the intrinsically racist Republicans wanting Condi to stand. And Colin. Hell’s simoleans! The Republicans could have had a black woman as Prez! The Dems would have exploded. Al Gore’s belly going off would have flattened Nashville but then it would have been fun to watch from the Appalachians.

    I am rambling but I have a dreadful cold.

  • Rob Fisher

    Cue the SJW attack.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Ramble on, Nick, preferably sans the cold. Particularly enjoyed the wrap-up in the penultimate para. As we say in America, right on! :>)))!!!