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In which I fill out an online “consultation”

I had some incoming from Uber yesterday. The TFL consultation on their proposals to bugger-up-all-competition-to-the-cossetted-black-cab-mafia is underway. I am usually rather sceptical about these things but Uber is such an obviously Good Thing that I participated anyway. You never know, it might make a difference.

6 comments to In which I fill out an online “consultation”

  • llamas

    I filled that out when it was first linked here a few months ago. I was in the UK a couple of weeks ago, half-expecting to be bundled into the back of a black cab and abducted.

    Persons not familiar with the true nature and purpose of ‘regulation’ should study this questionnaire, in the hope that it might show just how destructive, sclerotic and regressive virtually-all regulation inevitably becomes.



  • Mr Ed

    Done. Tried to emphasise the harm that regulation can do and ask why not apply the sillier ones to black cabs. I hope that sense prevails. The current Mayor of London is the more libertarian minded of the holders of the post, and likely to be the most so minded. Let’s hope he leaves no silly legacy.

  • Arthur Teacake

    My word, that took a long time.

    I think it’s worth giving the feedback. Mine included the phrase ‘unfit to regulate’ a couple of times (the five-minute waiting time and the requirement that a driver work for only one operator at a time).

    The survey itself is in 28 separate pages but there’s a PDF downloadable from https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/tph/private-hire-proposals that shows the whole sorry mess. Take a look if this interests you.

  • David Bishop

    Also done. I made the same points as Arthur.
    I hope that sense prevails, but do not expect it to.

  • Paul Marks

    Good luck Patrick – and to the rest who try and effect this “consultation”.

    I hope you succeed.

  • Ian

    I completed the survey too, totally panning all but one proposal which escapes me now but was something to do with anti-rapist measures. And it looks like there’s been a victory of sorts: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/uber/12109810/Uber-wins-victory-in-London-as-TfL-drops-proposals-to-crack-down-on-app.html