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Hamster holiday!

The samizdata server hamsters will be on holiday on Jan 2nd as they sleep off their hangovers. We hope they will be back on their treadmills at some point on the 3rd.

4 comments to Hamster holiday!

  • Julie near Chicago

    May the hamsters enjoy to the fullest their well-earned time off, the slackers;

    and may they and their N&D (to swipe from Bertie) have a most enjoyable New Year’s weekend.

    Thanks, guys. :>))

    . . .

    And likewise a Happy New Year to all the Samizdatistas. Eat, drink, and be merry, for next week we will have to show up at the office. 😉

  • llamas

    Get llamas instead of hamsters. They don’t drink.

    JnC, what you mean ‘next week’? Some of us are in our offices today.

    But, like New Year’s Eve, alone in the office. So I can play tunes as loud as I like, no headphones. So here is this year’s New Year’s Quiz question:

    You’re wondering now why there’s such a pressure drop in this shanty town, which is looking like a ghost town. You say you’ve been threatened by gangsters, but Al Capone already traded in his double barrel for a barrister pardon.

    What am I binge-watching on Netflix?

    Have a great New Year’s, everyone.



  • Julie near Chicago

    llamas, I have no idea, but it sounds interesting, so can I come watch too?