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The United Nations is truly an amazing organization. Dictators and authoritarians from around the world can work together to solve their common problems, like how to keep their own citizens under control. A solution to this serious problem has been found, Cyberviolence against women is the new justification for the police state. Terrorism just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Max Michael

14 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Paul Marks

    Do not get hung up on the words “dictators” and “authoritarians”.

    The United Nations was designed to be (and is moving towards actually being) about democratically elected governments using “liberal” style language.

    Of course the central point remains the same.

    It is indeed about “controlling their citizens”.

    The long term objective of the establishment elite remains what it has been for a very long time.

    World wide “cooperation” and “governance” by lots of democratically elected governments.

    But, yes, all about “controlling their citizens”.

    For our own good of course…..

    Our happiness is their aim.

    And the most scary thing is that they (the international establishment elite) are sincere.

    They really are.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    The greatest amount of freedom compatible with good order is ‘none’.

  • John Galt III

    I grew up in Manhattan – NYC. All I remember is my Dad not being able to park our 1935 LaSalle (no, not a antique – that was the only car we could afford) anywhere near our apartment. Why? Because every license plate in NYC seemed to be labeled DPL (Diplomatic Corps) or FC (Foreign Consulate> These public nuisances were exempt and could park anywhere and double park – blocking the streets at will.

    Our own street – 93rd – had the Romanian Consulate, and as I was born in 1947 we had Gheorghiu-Dej and Ceausescu goons – every bit a sinister looking as the Gestapo – staring at and making snide remarks as we walked by.

    The best was the Russian Orthodox Church moving in across from us and the Romanian Consulate in the 1970’s and playing their church bells all day and making the Romanian Commies mad. They would complain to the city and were politely told they could move to Brooklyn any time they wanted.

    I grew up detesting the Communist and other thuggish rats in our city and believe NYC would be a better city without all these parasites from the UN.

  • Gee, your old LaSalle ran great? 😉

  • JohnK

    I grew up detesting the Communist and other thuggish rats in our city and believe NYC would be a better city without all these parasites from the UN.

    Where is your humanity? Have you given no thought to what would happen to the hooker community?

  • Laird

    If the US isn’t going to withdraw from the UN entirely (which it certainly should), at a minimum that body should be thrown out of NYC and forced to relocate to somewhere more appropriate, such as Brussels. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  • veryretired

    The original League of Nations was largely the creation of Woodrow Wilson, a vile prog who despised the Constitution, and openly advocated a world government. It was truly fitting that its rejection by the Congress caused him to stroke out.

    The later UN was a utopian pipe dream by the victorious Allies of WW2, and however well intentioned, has collapsed into a bizarre caricature of the world oversight body it had been intended to become.

    It is fool’s gold, and only fools, and knaves, revere it any longer.

  • Mr Ed

    Laird, Can’t we move the UN GA HQ to, say, Damascus? A good time zone between China, New Delhi, Moscow, Brussels and DC. Plenty of locals needing work. Beaches in Latakia, it would give a certain urgency to finding peace in the Middle East.

  • Laird

    Mr Ed, that works for me. Just get it out of New York.

  • Eric

    I think they should move it to Davos. That’s where the decisions are getting made anyway.

  • Nicholas (Andy.royd) Gray

    I think that democratic nations should form an Allied Nations, a group of democracies who play war-games together, and believe that trade is good. It should not be a new layer of government, but a moving conference of like-minded societies helping each other out, and promoting true democracies around the world. We could keep the UN as a talk-shop for everyone, but have a preferred group of ‘friends’.

  • long-lost cousin

    Leave it in NYC.

    But revoke their diplomatic status.

    Suddenly, every last bizarre traffic and parking rule on the books that NYC has is now enforceable.

    At a hundred bucks a pop, NYC and NYS will have their budgets balanced within a year.

  • Paul Marks

    Sadly the way New York City is going – the collectivist ideology of the U.N. is a perfect fit.

  • long-lost cousin

    Sadly the way New York City is going – the collectivist ideology of the U.N. is a perfect fit.

    I wish I could feel bad for NYC, but I don’t. They voted for DiBlasio by something like 70-30 or worse. They deserve people like him and his special guests running rampant all over their city.