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I believe current dogma is that men and women are absolutely and completely identical except men are bastards.

– Samizdata commenter “Ellen”

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  • pete

    Another difference is that men are able to consent to sex while drunk while women cannot.

  • A Swiss

    Annother difference is that they earn less for thr same job when they earn in average more.

  • RRS

    While it can apply to female children – RRS,Sr. 80 years ago to this RRS,Jr.:

    “Don’t argue with your mother. A man can have a hundred fathers, but only one mother.”

  • …and as long as the men keep the alimony checks coming, they are permitted to coexist with women.

  • George Atkisson

    Here in America, at least in The People’s Republic of Kalifornia, I treat any woman under the age of 50 as infected with both AIDS and Ebola, and wearing Anthrax infused lipstick. It is professionally, socially, and financially safer to do so.

    Seriously. I almost lost my job over a complaint of sexual harassment because one woman observed me kissing the hand of an old friend and was severely offended by my display of both “male aggression” and “white privilege”. It was touch and go for a bit.

  • CaptDMO

    “I believe current dogma is that men and women are absolutely and completely identical except (most)men…”
    get to piss without pulling down their underpants, in an overcrowded public “mirror room”.

    Considering the time frame, I’ve long been concerned with women suffering DNA/brain damage due to
    huffing excessive amounts of ozone depleting hairspray “over spray”, in confined, poorly ventilated, overcrowded rooms.
    Yes, yes, I understand…(redefined) chauvinism…or something. *yawn*

  • Paul Marks

    Time to get out of California if you can Mr Atkisson – although these attitudes are being spread everywhere by the education system and the media.

    Natalie and Ellen – there is a lot of darkness in men (at least there is me).

    However, the “all men are bastards” view of the feminists sort of lets us off the hook.

    If all men are bastards – all of us are rapists and so on…..

    Then there is no point in struggling against evil – as we are all evil (by definition).

    I suspect that feminists do not realise what a terrible mistake they are making.

    Very similar to their belief that Western civilisation is a special evil. Hence the inviting in of the forces of Islam and so on – and the bafflement (and denial) of the way women are treated by the “noble” and “exploited” Third Worlders

    Whereas in fact the West, in spite of all its faults, the civilisation that aggresses against women the least (not the most).

    This endless chanting “you are evil, you are evil, you are evil” risks (invites) the response….

    O.K. I will be evil.

    The attitude of female reformers in the 19th century was not that the West was perfect – of course it was not, but that it was good and improvement was a matter of building upon its goodness.

    Just as men could be improved by appealing to the better side of our natures (to what we ourselves know, at heart, to be right) – not by making war against us.

    Somehow feminism lost its way in the 20th century.

    And, yes, I think that Marxist influence (directly and indirectly) was to blame.

  • Julie near Chicago

    George: I cannot believe you would confess publicly to such evil!

    You are probably the sort of untermensch who would hold open a heavy mall door for a voluminously pregnant person [of unspecified gender, please note] who is trying to hang onto a ginormous pile of packages and a cranky toddler.

    The chutzpah shown by such aggression, plus its implication of your supremacy as a male (I assume a “white” male, which makes it even worse) toward such a person, is appalling, not to mention constituting violence of the most heinous sort.

    FOR SHAME !!!!!

    . . .

    PS. I would recommend that your accuser be kept in a windowless concrete cell, appx. 4’x 7′, whose floor is thickly carpeted with a nest of vipers on which it may rest its head to sleep, and no contact with human beings. Perhaps in due course it will re-think its attitudes and actions.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Sorry, Paul. You don’t get off the hook that easily. I accuse you and the majority of persons anatomically similar to yourself of being generally reliable in the company of women, although I do realize that it takes iron self-control on your only-half-house-trained part, as well as the occasional smack upside the head from the nearby female.

    (Also, there are occasions when the Dark Side is not entirely unappreciated…. 😉 )

  • PapayaSF

    Ha, great quip!

  • Johnnydub

    I think its simple. The elites have decided to smash the western nations with uncontrolled immigration. Who will be the big losers? The white natives.

    How then toi impede the white societies from objecting / rebelling? Simple, just harass the shit out of white men with constant racism and sexism accusations and leave them afraid to do or say anything controversial in case the mob target them.

    Divide and conquer is not a new strategy.

  • Ellen

    Paul –

    I’ve been accused of racism since the days of Adam Clayton Powell (not to mention the Black Panthers). I was accused of ableism when in relevant context, I noted that spina bifida was not a sign of longevity in a state of nature. I’ve been told that Minnesota Nice is just the white locals hiding what bastards they are, and Minnesota is the most racist state in the nation. And during a discussion of science -vs- engineering I had somebody hiss (loudly) MALE science.

    I agree with you. “O.K. I will be evil.” I just wish I were better at living up to it.

  • gongcult

    All men have mothers.if you were raised by your mother (and father, ideally) why couldn’t your mother (and by extension all women ) prevent you from being a bastard ? Is it something beyond their powers? Must be the genes then. Can’t change them. So I guess I’ll remain a (polite, articulate) bastard.

  • Laird

    Ellen, I’m impressed that anyone even remembers Adam Clayton Powell!