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I had the strangest dream!

I had a really weird dream. I dreamt that Japan beat South Africa at rugby 😀 I know, hilarious 😛 Yet strangely I cannot seem to wake up! What the fuck?


26 comments to I had the strangest dream!

  • The Literate Platypus

    Strewth! Does this mean you can get YouTube videos from a parallel universe now?

  • Amazing coincidence: I had the exact same dream myself.

  • nemesis

    Apologies – not quite on topic. I am a Twickenham local and getting the impression that this RWC is being very over-hyped. the Corporates and local authorities are getting quite carried away with themselves. It was a much nicer tournament in nineties when it felt it really was for the locals and true Rugby fans and it was them that created the nice atmosphere. So much money involved now that a lot of Sporting events seem to be going the same way. I don’t bother going to Wimbledon anymore since the officials & corporate hospitality far out numbered the real fans.

  • Gareth Jones

    Almost didn’t bother to watch, figured it would be a massacre. Bloody hell, awesome game!

  • Just watch from 12:30… awesome indeed 😀

  • Mr Ed

    Tactical innovation for Japan there, getting the ‘decisive blow’ in at the end rather than at the start.

  • Mark Green

    Nooooo! Now even Samizdata is kicking us!!

    It was a truly great game and a privilege to watch.

  • RAB

    I thought it was going to be a massacre too Gareth, but I still watched it ( I like massacres). Well at least Japan will have a decent front row, I thought to myself, (re-engineered Sumo wrestlers) but no, they were a lean mean gutsy machine and the top moment for me was they had at least 3 penalties in the last minutes which would have tied the game. Go for the draw I was shouting at the tv, but dang me they had the guts and will to believe they could win, and they bloody well did. Superb game!

  • James Strong

    I chose not to watch the game, expecting that it wouldn’t be competitive.
    I switched on at 74 minutes.
    I was also screaming ‘Kick the goal!’
    ‘Take the points.’
    But they didn’t.
    And to defeat a side with the greatest, most effective rugby player of the 21st century, Victor Matfield! Part-time followers or tabloid fans might mention Dan Carter, but true connoisseurs know that Victor Matfiels is The Man.

  • Patrick Crozier

    omodetou gozaimasu!

  • Sean

    James – while I appreciate Victor’s ability he is not the greatest (McCaw) or most effective (Carter) rugby player in the 21st century.

  • Fred Z

    Rugby’s not my game, ice hockey is, but I’m Canadian.

    Anyway, it’s smashing to see some of the best young athletes in the world go at it hard and remain friendly.

  • The Wobbly Guy

    Wow, the atmosphere at the stadium was palpable even through the comp. You could also feel the determination from both sides of players. What a great game.

  • James Strong

    If we were picking up sides, like in informal games (usually of football) at school, I’d take Matfield first. You’d then pick Carter, I guess for his effectiveness. Then I’d have McCaw.
    And your side wouldn’t get the ball.
    Tight-head props and good line-out forwards are the key. Then a kicker. Then a marauding No 7.
    Anyway, that’s not really libertarian politics.
    Still, I’m hoping that traditionally Labour Wales give England a good hiding on Saturday. Unfortunately, as I said on another thread here last week when discussing the libertarian hope that Corbyn will comprehensively alienate the UK electorate, wishing doesn’t make it so.

  • Paul Marks

    Indeed Perry – indeed.

  • Unfortunately, as I said on another thread here last week when discussing the libertarian hope that Corbyn will comprehensively alienate the UK electorate, wishing doesn’t make it so.

    Indeed, wishing does not make it do, however judging by this article in that bastion of libertarianism and laissez-faire capitalism, The Independent, “Jeremy Corbyn victory means a third of Labour voters less likely to vote for party”… so not so much wishful thinking as cogent analysis really 😉

  • Gareth Jones

    I just discovered Japan were 80:1 against at the bookies to win, so talk of this being one of the greatest sporting upsets in history may be closer to the mark that people realise! 😀

  • Laird

    Gareth, undoubtedly a great upset, but Roberta Vinci defeating Serena Williams in the US Open semifinals was 300:1 against. That was probably the greatest upset in sports history!

  • Mr Ed

    Greatest upsets that I can recall are:

    Olivier Panis winning the Monaco GP in 1996, the race was a hoot to watch. Highlights brief, here. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dBRm5iCqQBk

    And Botham’s 1981 Headingly Ashes, at one point an England victory was 500:1 in our local bookies’. A taster of those times. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u-PzWKKZjOA

  • Sean

    James – Matfield doesn’t play for the All Blacks but they seem manage – no? I doubt they would be anywhere near as good as they have the past decade without Carter and McCaw though. But, I certainly understand what you’re saying – the first person a coach picks is the tight head prop (and the second person he picks is the reserve tight head prop)! Good luck with Wales on Saturday – though I don’t see it happening (without Halfpenny aka the Welsh Carter) myself.

  • Nicholas (Rule Yourselves!) Gray

    As I recall someone saying, it doesn’t matter who plays- Germany will be the winner!

  • Rich Rostrom

    Well, there were some remarkable upsets in previous eras. For instance, the Army-Navy football game of 1950: Army, 8-0 and ranked #1, lost 14-2 to Navy, 2-6.

    Of course, the actual greatest upset in sports history could have been a chariot race in ancient Rome, or a jousting combat in 13the century Europe, or a sumo match in Tokugawa Japan. No one will ever know.

  • If it has not been written about, it didn’t happen 🙂

  • I think the biggest sporting upset in recent times was Greece winning the 2004 European Football Championships. For a minnow nation to beat another in a single game, or over a tie, is conceivable. For a minnow nation to win an entire tournament without some “golden generation” luck is almost unheard of.

  • Snorri Godhi

    I think the biggest sporting upset in recent times was Greece winning the 2004 European Football Championships.

    Hmm…what about Denmark winning the 1992 Euro football championship?
    Denmark beat world champions Germany 2-0 in the final, Greece beat Portugal (admittedly playing at home) 1-0.
    Denmark did not even qualify for the championship: they got in as replacement for the recently disappeared Yugoslavia.
    As i remember, the final took place during an EU meeting to discuss what to do about the Danish referendum rejecting the Maastricht Treaty, and Helmut Kohl had a word beforehand with the German team captain, to impress upon him that the fate of the EU project was in the hands, or feet, of the German team.

    OTOH i am inclined to go with Laird’s nomination of the ladies’ singles semifinal at this year’s US Open, just because tennis is more thrilling than football.

    If we go deeper into the past, there was also the Maracanazo.

  • Denmark is slightly different because in hindsight they had some seriously good players just breaking into the team (Schmeical, the Laudrups). But nobody can name a single player in that Greek side. Also, they beat Portugal not just once but twice. But yes, Denmark is similar but not quite on the same level IMO.