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[Putin] is not an easy man … But I don’t think there is any substitute other than constant engagement.

Hillary Clinton

I would like to think she means an endless conveyor belt of ATGWs and artillery ammunition so that the Ukrainian Army can keep Putin’s assorted employees under ‘constant engagement’. But I think she might actually mean doing nothing very much other than exchanging LOLcats and Vines daily via unsecured e-mail.

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  • Regional

    Julia Gillard is an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign on gender issues. One would assume there’re enough frightbats already helping shape policies on misogyny and sexism. This election will be hilarious.

  • She could give Putin another “overload” button.

  • CaptDMO

    Please remember that SOME folks believe history has consistently debunked anything Ms. Clinton Inc. believes necessary to say, about affairs outside her household, are utterly meaningless.
    Time MAY be better spent on actual world class folk of proved results, and clear integrity.
    IMHO of course.

  • RRS

    The quality of the content of her intellect is exceeded only (in the same kind) by the quality of the content of her character.

    In all deference to MLK,Jr.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Capt, it seems to me that Miz Clinton’s statements about affairs within her own household are not overburdened with the weight of truth.

  • This election will be Hillaryous. And if we are lucky it might even be funny.

  • Mr Ed

    Didn’t Bill and Monica have some fairly constant engagement?

  • I fully expect Hillary to be in touch with her inner Ubermench.

  • Karl in Texas

    “Really at this point, what difference does it make?”

    The Clinton machine is devestatingly proficient at the politics of personal destruction. The only political machine more proficient was the Obama campaign. Though neither would be very effective without a complacent media. If recent media coverage is any gauge of future events the toughest most embarrassing question she will face might be what color underwear she has on.

    The so called opposition she might face is looking pretty dismal. The Republican Party has had an indenty crisis since 1988. Mainstream republicans today would have made great democrat candidates in the 1970s.

    Unfortunately it looks like real libertarian options will finally mature at about the same time as America slips into its final state of socialist decay and looks more like 50 rather large Greek islands.

    Unless a miracle occurs the 2016 choice will be not about changing the course of the nation but rather at what speed we would like to see the ship smashed onto the rocks and shoals.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Leslie, “No Constitutional grounds for public charity”? SSSST, man, wash your mind out with soap! Besides, that’s irrelevant. *sniff*

    I do hope you’re recovering satisfactorily.

  • Julie,

    Working on it. 😉

  • Regional

    Serapax is good for several months.

  • Nicholas (Self-Sovereignty) Gray

    Isn’t Hillary married? What’s all this talk of engagement? Does Putin have a wife? The public wants to know!

  • Darin

    yes, another war , this time on Ukraine, is exactly what US needs.

    Can we repeat this success? Yes we can!

  • yes, another war , this time on Ukraine, is exactly what US needs.

    There is already a war in Ukraine, the only issue is whether or not Putin is allowed to win it.

  • Vinegar Joe

    If anyone is an expert on “easy” men, it’s Hillary Clinton. Just look at how her husband been used and abused by so many women.

  • mickc

    And what has the Ukraine got to do with the UK?

    Anyone who thinks the UK should get involved should buy some boots and a rifle, and go and fight.

    Bet they don’t though….

  • And what has the Ukraine got to do with the UK?

    And answer me this, Putin Troll, what does your remark have to do with Hillary Clinton? Are you aware she is not a British politician?

    Anyone who thinks the UK should get involved should buy some boots and a rifle, and go and fight.

    Yeah did that once but I am a bit too old now to do it again in Ukraine. But sure, what does the current nice stable European security situation being upended by Russia have to do with Britain? After all, it is not like things happening in Czechoslovakia, sorry, I mean Ukraine, might end up impinging upon the UK.