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GamerGate explained in one easy graphic

By request…


via someone on twitter.

Getting drunk on good wine and BBQ’ing yummy animals tonight, ciao for now.

10 comments to GamerGate explained in one easy graphic

  • Bell Curve

    GG is by far the most important cultural counter attack for decades, because its turning a wide and deep generation of young people into implacable enemies of the entire set of modern Marxist verities.

  • Dom

    If you want to see what really bad, progressive journalism looks like, something that will make your skin crawl, check out what the nytimes did to the Ellen Pao story. Trigger warning, it causes high blood pressure.


  • Karl in Texas

    I could care less about GG it just comes off as “someone is peeing in someone else’s virtual sandbox.

    @ Dom,
    The NY Times really should change their name to American Agitprop. If they choose a cool font I’m sure marketing could run with it. The first rendition of the story read too much like someone payed attention to the lecture on journalistic integrity. The next renditions read more like a whitehouse press release on how we will not misrepresent Islam and how muslims burned our embassy and killed our people over a YouTube video. To quote William Shatner, ” irony is so ironic”

  • I could care less about GG it just comes off as “someone is peeing in someone else’s virtual sandbox.

    If you think that, best not to opine about something you have not bothered to actually understand.

  • Karl in Texas

    If you think that, best not to opine about something you have not bothered to actually understand.

    It started as a pissing contest over a relationship gone bad and the definition of video game vs. Interactive art, that escalated into a genuine question of journalistic integrity that raised a few eyebrows and as is to be expected with the young social media savvy industry that is gaming it quickly devolved into name calling and was exacerbated by the anonymity that the Internet and social media provide so name calling devolved into serious criminal threats. This is exactly what high school drama would develop into if everyone involved had the option of using an anonymous source to carry out threats and attacks against their opponents.

    There is a reason marketing reps are generally more physically attractive than intelligent, sex not only sells it is a powerful tool for gain. It also happens to be very destructive when used as a weapon.

    So weather it is a game or a piece of interactive art the definitions do not really matter, develop your software sell it to your target market and only address real issues rather than every comment or criticism especially the personal attacks.

    The only real question I have is how much meta data a social media site might have to gather in Order to assist law enforcement when anonymous users make genuine threats against people.

    So yes I do understand, it started with an ex boyfriend pissing in his developer exgirlfriends virtual sandbox as well as her new lovers virtual sandbox then they pissed back, factions were formed and the virtual urine arms race began.

  • Heh, talk about missing the target. No, you know what dislodged the first pebble that prefigured the GG avalanche, but nothing else it appears. In fact the most important thing was not that at all, but the synchronised “Gamers are dead” articles that turned a minor internet shouting match into a major consumer revolt that branched out and just will not go away.

  • Paul Marks

    Good graphic – it sums things up well.

  • Paul Marks

    Popular culture matters.

    “Practical” people who say it does not matter if the left controls such things as gaming (putting leftist political-cultural messages into games and excluding non leftist ones) are not really practical at all.

    They are actually very foolish.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Paul nails it again. Indeed popular culture matters! Hence David Horowitz’s original Center for the Study of Popular Culture.

    Throwing the correct ideological seasonings into the stew of the popular culture is one of the main tactics of the Left, the Proggies, the Marxists, and their forebears going back probably to the Origin of Time.

    Meanwhile, we irrelevant anti-Collectivist pro-liberty knuckledraggers are trying to get our own seasonings in there, while destroying the toxins produced by the Other Side’s quackcheffery.

    . . .

    This fact, however, does raise some problems with the story we usually tell. Fortunately for you-all, I have to go to the grocery store and cannot expatiate on that at the present time. 😉

  • CaptDMO

    No Karl, you don’t understand. But I see you’ve read someone else’s “summery” (wiki?) What, no nod to “More (never seen) women in Linux Programming/Academic X-studies professorships, because vagina quota!”?
    But you know, in order to make a soufflé , you’ve got to break some eggs.
    So were’s the soufflé?
    In Paris, of all places.

    Gamer Gate/Sad-Angry Puppies/ actual “critical thinkers”, going world class. On the eve of the ouster of WH personnel, and Reddit, “smart, strong, independent, qualified, trained, diversified, demographicaly determined, management leadership” is simply coincidental serendipity.
    No word on paid Social Justice Warrior peaceful protests outside, or inside, the hotel yet.
    I’m gong to go ahead and consider (well.. most of) Mr. Beale’s “take” with a bit more weight than most. He hasa nasty tendancy to back p his opinions of his critics with actual data, AND their own words, in full context.