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Bell¿ngcat: ‘Fact checking’ at its very finest

Bell¿ngcat has proven to be a thorn in the side of the Kremlin by debunking claim after claim about what it happening in the Ukraine. Just take a look at their latest tour de force, in which they compare Ukrainian and Russian claims about Flight MH17 and demolish the Russian Ministry of Defence’s case.

The internet is a truly marvellous thing.

9 comments to Bell¿ngcat: ‘Fact checking’ at its very finest

  • RRS

    How does it matter that “they” lie?

    Does it disclose any vulnerabilities?

    The recent edict on non-disclosures of casualties (Putin). Seems more important.

    Of course, hats off for the thorough investigative work.

    Perhaps it will help our seemingly disoriented services when the time comes.

  • What matters is not that they lie but that they are shown to be liars

  • And of course the neo-Soviet apologists are all over the comment thread trying to muddy the waters.

  • RRS

    What matters is not that they lie but that they are shown to be liars

    Gee, I wish something like that would work in American politics (and the U.K.?).

  • Paul Marks

    Good Perry.

  • Gee, I wish something like that would work in American politics (and the U.K.?).

    It is pretty much why UKIP got 4 million votes.

  • NickM

    There is a Red Army (IVth keyboards) dedicated to the idea Putin farts rainbows. He isn’t exactly a “Neo-Sov”. He is just Russia reverting to form – insular as Hell with a “hard” man at the top. No good shall come of this.

  • I’d feel happier about this if Merkel, Obama, and other spineless shits were not falling over themselves to brush this under the carpet in order to avoid making difficult decisions.

  • Phil B

    I’ve watched the fighting and the situation in the Ukraine and Crimea with mild interest. Not so much for the reports of “this town has been taken, that counterattack took place” etc. but for the tactics of the so called rebels and the internal disorder.

    Now, the Soviets have been looking to attack the west for a long time (and still are) and the information about how they will destabilise their intended target is there but must be searched for carefully.

    A defector*, Vladimir Bogdanovitch Rezun who writes in the west under a pseudonym Victor Suvorov wrote a book called Spetznaz. (Voyskie Spetzialnoya Naznachenya – special operations troops) and their tactics and role in the lead up and preliminary stages of a conventional war. These are IDENTICAL to the tactics and methods displayed by the “rebels” and “pro Moscow” factions in these areas.

    You can read the book for free here (I downloaded each chapter for future use):


    It is both chilling and instructive on just how detailed and advanced their planning is. Do you honestly think that they would NOT use such tactics against an “enemy” state like the Ukraine?

    * I take any defectors stories with a good shovelful of salt. After all, they have betrayed their country and thrown in their lot with the enemy so are eager to please their new countries security services by telling them what they want to hear. However, a careful and thoughtful reading of his book(s) and cross checking with other sources verifies his basic overall view, if not the fine details. When several such defectors are all telling the same story, then the shovelful of salt diminishes to a pinch ..