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Because things are far too serious at the moment…

Here I am, sitting in Arkham, eating pungent octopus salad left overs and looking at the wife as she gets uglier and more fish-like by the day, pining for her home town of Innsmouth. Meanwhile, across the ocean, all my limey chums seem to be sharing a collective freak-out over dodging an Ed Miliband shaped bullet. It is all depressingly… serious.

So I was going to write something really interesting about Japan, just to change the subject…

… and when I remember what I was going to write, I will let you know.

11 comments to Because things are far too serious at the moment…

  • Agnieszka Mierzejewo

    Its hypnotic! Can’t… take… my… eyes… off… that…

  • Simon Just

    yes, Japan is a land of many wonders. Sorry, er, what was that you were saying?

  • Dale Amon (Belfast, Northern Ireland/Laramie, Wy)

    What is it about Japan that cause it to turn out huggably cute women in such huge numbers? I have rarely seen an ugly Japanese woman.

  • Molly

    Tee hee! To quote George Takei: “Oh my!”

  • Julie near Chicago

    Illuminatus, did your wife bring along the Weird Shadow?

  • Emily

    Agnieszka is right. I’m a straight woman and it does have a hypnotic quality! I watched it loop for about a minute before blinking and thinking “why am I still watching this?”. And then I pondered it for a few more loops. Weird.

  • Russ in TX

    Even their ugly women are weirdly cute.

  • Midwesterner

    That is really impressive. I’ve watched her do maybe a hundred rep’s still smiling and not showing the slightest sign of fatigue. Talk about endurance, she should be in the Marines.

  • Practice makes perfect?

  • …Oh, and I think quite a few Marines would agree…

  • bloke in spain

    Vietnamese too.
    I have a rarely used Facebook account & due to an interest in Husky dogs became aware of a young girl who’s name I wouldn’t dream of trying to pronounce:


    Go on. You try. Nearly as bad as Finnish, isn’t it? Don’t even know if it’s the given or family name. Which way round do they do them?

    She’s in Viet Nam And she does indeed have the Husky dog. Gorgeous dog.
    And she’s a friend looks exactly like one of those anime cartoon girls. The enormous oriental eyes, the sketch of a nose, the rose-bud lips. Turns up in a lot of the pics. And she does that Japanese thing at the camera. The kiss pout & the two fingers. Took me several photos to realise, this isn’t photoshopped in. She’s real! Wow!