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Earth Day! Another golden marketing opportunity!


God bless Capitalism! And do not forget, turn every light in your house on to celebrate!

14 comments to Earth Day! Another golden marketing opportunity!

  • Paul Marks

    Indeed – and there is a serious side to all this.

    Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that there is something to the claims that C02 emissions have harmful consequences.

    How do regulations that move production to China and thus INCREASE C02 emissions (both per unit of production and in transporting the good back to Europe and North America) help?

    The “Greens” boast of their ignorance of economics (it seems to be a “Jewish science” or “capitalist science” to them – and they do not like Jews or capitalists).

    Economics is not a “proper” body of knowledge – according to the Greens (the National Socialists believed the same – indeed many “Green” ideas have their origins in the National Socialist movement and pre National Socialist German thinkers such as Fichte and Herder).

    However, the ignorance of economics means that the policies the Green forces press for (regulations and taxes that force productive industry to China – out of Europe and North America) increase (not decrease) C02 emissions.

    As for the Green demands that nuclear power be shut down (not radically expanded – actually shut down, as is happening in Germany)……

    This is a revolt against reason.

    It is irrational to complain about C02 emissions and then push for the closing down of nuclear power stations (thus pushing Germany into dependence on brown coal – “if lignite is the answer – what is the question?”).

    It is not just a revolt against “Jewish reason” or “capitalist reason” as the Greens would claim – it is a revolt against reason full-stop.

    There is no “Jewish reason” – there is only reason.

    And economics is part of it.

  • Kevin B

    Paul, if you make the assumption that the greens actually believe that the human race is a virus on the face of Gaia and must be ruthlessly culled, then their avowed policies begin to make more sense.

    That is, as each of their policies fails to produce the results they say they want, (as they obviously will), new, more stringent, policies can be implemented. These new policies will contain greater and greater levels of co-ercion and more and more of that good old fashioned green socialist policy, eugenics.

    That their policies are not only useless but insane and fundamentally evil really doesn’t matter to them. As long as they’re destructive of nasty humans then it’s all good.

  • Mr Ed

    The Green Party say this on their website as a long-term goal:

    Background and Principles
    PP100 All Green Party policies are based on the principles of ecological sustainability, equity and justice.

    PP101 There is a limit to the level of ecological impact the Earth can sustain. The number of people on the planet, their levels of consumption and their local and global impacts are key factors determining how far the Earth’s ability to renew its resources and to support all life is compromised. Even within this limit, high rates of population growth, as well as local depopulation can have a damaging effect on sustainability, equity and justice.

    PP102 ‘Carrying capacity’ is the term used to describe the population that can be sustainably supported in any given region. It is not a fixed number but depends on consumption patterns.

    PP103 There is a need to explicitly consider population since, if it is ignored indefinitely, the risk of over-consumption of natural resources will increase, leading to conflict and ultimately a reduction in carrying capacity.

    PP104 There are many causes of population growth and some of these must be addressed to avoid overpopulation.

    And the Green Party do not want immigration controls on the EU frontiers.

    Immigration and the EC
    MG420 We will resist all attempts to introduce a ‘barrier round Europe’ shutting out non-Europeans or giving them more restricted rights of movement within Europe than European Nationals.

  • Gene

    Perry asks,

    How do regulations that move production to China and thus INCREASE C02 emissions help?

    Walter Russell Mead also writes often and disparagingly about Greens, wondering how they can imagine their ill-conceived policy ideas can ever work, given the likelihood that people will simply work around them (as in Perry’s example of manufacturers simply shifting production to China).

    What Kevin B says above gets right to the heart of the long game, however:

    as each of their policies fails to produce the results they say they want, (as they obviously will), new, more stringent, policies can be implemented.

    Today, greens can’t prevent people from working around many policy changes because they lack political power. But they have in mind a future when they are IN POWER, and at that point manufacturers could and would be prevented from moving to China. As I think we can all see, that future would of necessity be a totalitarian one in which all business (and it seems to me all private life, given the personal hectoring these people are prone to) will exist only with the permission and patronage of the state.

    There is no problem with encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprints and use more “green” products, but we would do well to note that the loudest, most persistent proponents of such strategies must never, ever be put in charge of any state lest their more sinister side be given free rein.

  • JohnW

    This should go viral.

  • Gary Kayser

    “Earth Day.
    And ‘Happy Lenin’s Birthday’, just a coincidence of course. 🙂

  • Runcie Balspune

    Greens are of the deranged opinion that population growth is due to increased use of technology (using more energy and living more and living longer), but population since the 14th century (post Black Death and Great Famine) has been continuously growing, in fact it has slowed down since technology became widely available, and it is a provable fact that the best contraception is wealth, mainly a product of that technology.

    Restricting technology will have the reverse effect and will cause more population growth, and as the resources will be underused, more resources will be consumed.

    World population is already heading towards a plateau, which could even be within the next generation, and the current resources can easily support that final number, even if technology was to stop progressing, which it wont, because it never has.

    When it comes to population control you only have to consider China, where it has totally failed to reduce consumption, pollution and emissions, and left the country with a severe gender ratio imbalance, the social implications of which have yet to impact.

  • Russ in TX

    Viva Capitalism! Did another “language of the left” dealio. Sent it to Samizdata mailbox but didn’t get reply, still hoping for critique. If I could sell fifty people on the idea and have them spread it, we could sea-change this puppy.


    The Greens have no idea what’s coming, because most Green ideology is fundamentally anti-intellectual. The best we can do is peel off the “soft greens” who will actually think. The other sort is so good at marginalizing themselves that the best thing we can do is hand them a megaphone.

  • Sent it to Samizdata mailbox but didn’t get reply, still hoping for critique.

    Hmmm, how odd, I see no e-mail from you 🙁

  • Russ in TX

    Sent it to the reply email specified on the web – it’s maybe outdated?

    I know a LOT of progressives b/c of backgrounds in bodywork, friends doing circus things, that sort of thing. So if I can simply convince them that libertarian != enemy, that strikes me as going a LONG way to distinguish us in their minds from the Culture Scolds.

  • the other rob

    It probably won’t last, but if you google “lenin’s birthday” you get, pride of place, an infographic featuring Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Putin!

    For bonus points, the usual Google logo has been replaced by an Earth Day version. I took a screen grab, for posterity.

  • Russ in TX

    Yeah, that’s the one I used, Perry. I didn’t get any error messages on my end — possible something with a url inside goes to spam automagically?

  • No I checked the spam traps. Nothing from you. Very odd.