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Defying the New Endarkenment

Back in the 1986, we actually had that bastion of idiotarianism, Channel Four, run a program called “The New Enlightenment: the rebirth of liberalism”, about Frederick Hayek, Milton Friedman et al. But I would have never guessed that in 2015 we would be experiencing a New Endarkenment.

Fuck you. No seriously, fuck every last one of you who turned off those lights and made parts of glorious London look like North Korea.

Well my house was a gleaming beacon I can assure you, with every single light turned on. Maybe I will purchased some searchlights for next year’s endarkenment.

Yeah, this is my ‘hang over’ from ‘Earth Hour’ rather than this incident per se.

8 comments to Defying the New Endarkenment

  • Perry, I don’t understand your ire. From the article, it sounds like they turned off the power because they were fighting a massive electrical fire.

    Is there more to this story? I haven’t heard anything about it so I don’t get the context, maybe.

  • This was just residual hangover from Earth Hour, I should have made it more clear what I was really pissed off about.

  • Samizdata Illuminatus

    I intended to turn on all my lights for Earth Hour, but in the end I forgot about it. I suspect it largely went unnoticed by most.

  • Never heard of Earth Hour, but it sounds like silly prog nonsense.

    Now your residual irritation makes more sense. I tend to encourage silly progs to indulge their “natural living” fetishes … keeps them from exercising their more fascistic impulses. Progs sitting in a dark room eating locally grown kale are progs not working their iPhones trying to mandate that I sit in a dark room eating locally grown kale.

  • mike

    Their prototypical complaint is the “waste” of resources, particularly electricity and water. Yet it is they who are the wasters. Because not only do they waste their own limited time on this earth by scheming for restrictions on the rest of us, but they also manage to waste their immense cultural inheritance for the further Enlightenment of mankind’s lot, and then they also manage to waste my time in trying to fight them.

    They are the maximum wasters… wasters at several orders of magnitude at once.

  • Alsadius

    Point the searchlights at any dark houses 😛

  • Thailover

    Bombadil wrote:

    “Progs sitting in a dark room eating locally grown kale are progs not working their iPhones trying to mandate that I sit in a dark room eating locally grown kale.”


  • Thailover

    Mike, exactly. Capitalism runs on finding innovative ways to be efficient while not sacrificing production. No one finds a better use for resources and even “waste” products than a “greedy capitalist”. Progs seem to want everyone to go back to pre-neolithic periods, before mankind CREATED goods and services. That’s the world they live in anyway, an imaginary primative world where static “scarce” resources must be divvyed evenly between the tribes-people; where terms like “equality” and “giving back” even has meaning, which they don’t in our postive sum, wealth CREATING world. (I have yet to have a prog explain to me what my “fair share” of iPhone 6’s would be. LOL)