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Assessing Russell Brand’s place in the revolutionary pantheon…

I found this quite scholarly work assessing how history is likely judge that later day Che Guevara, Russell Brand. Fascinating stuff.

19 comments to Assessing Russell Brand’s place in the revolutionary pantheon…

  • Laird

    Well, it’s hard to disagree with any of that (except #3; I have no frame of reference).

  • Vinegar Joe

    One can only hope Brand ends up like Che Guevara.

  • The issue I have against Brand is his description as a “comedian”. He is about as funny as a colostomy. He is less funny than Canon and Ball and I never thought I’d say that.

    He ought to be boiled alive in a cauldron of his own piss.

  • Karl in Texas

    I like it when things are put into perspective.

    The lion is the King of the beasts but remove him from Africa and drop him into Antarctica he is just a penguins bitch.

    Among the masses and with the media support Russel Brand may seem somewhat intelligent but place him among real leaders both good and bad and he is just another dung tossing spider monkey dancing for the organ grinder.

  • Paul Marks

    Errr yes.

    I am one of the most gloomy (not to say paranoid) people about, and even I do not take Mr Brand seriously. He is not a threat.

    Not that he is a comedian, he is not – Mr Brand is just an arse.

  • Mr Ed

    I informally (and unscientifically, but medicine is not science) diagnosed Mr Brand as bipolar on account of his whiny voice (this comes from a couple of years giving advice to people with that condition). I was not surprised to read in the Independent that he has (or had) that condition.

    So at least he may have some mitigation for believing his ‘economics’.

    It is really decent to mock him? Mr Miliband, however, is as tempting a target as a raging blast furnace is to a Sidewinder.

  • An arse Paul has a purpose. Not a glamorous one but a purpose. Brand is just a set of buttocks desperately in need of a mattock.

  • Damn, he’s not even funny when made fun of…

  • Veryretired

    What is it with these second-rate celebrities making pretentious social comments, and people pay attention, for reasons that are utterly mystifying to me.

    It’s like going to the supermarket and having some kind of intense reaction to the lunacies featured in the tabloids at the check-out counter.

    Seriously, does anyone with two or more living brain cells actually give a tinker’s fart about what the Kardashion’s did last week, or what this grotesque idiot said yesterday?

    There are billions of people in this world, any number of whom might have serious, carefully reasoned opinions or new ideas about the problems we are facing. It seems beyond bizarre to me that some lounge act can suddenly be quoted in the media as if he or she had something important to say, especially when their big idea is about as sophisticated as a junior high essay on the importance of nature.

    So many people complain about media bias, but the real problems are its endless subservience to anyone who can claim even the most marginal status as a celebrity, it’s painful ignorance about anything and everything in the real world more complicated than who’s getting married or buried, and the moral, intellectual, and physical cowardice it suffers from regarding any significant issue.

    Nonsense, and dangerous nonsense, at that.

  • CaptDMO

    Veryretired: “…Seriously, does anyone with two or more living brain cells actually give a tinker’s fart about what the Kardashion’s did last week,..”
    Yes, because “There, but for the grace of God, go I….”
    Well that, and lot of side boob!
    Now, “Here comes Honey Boo Boo…”!
    Why do you THINK “freak shows” were so popular when the circus came to town?
    Personally, I tend to watch adult themed cartoons.

  • Regional

    RB represents a mindset that lacks intelligent process and they’re digging their own graves, like how the Germans followed Hitler.
    On the subjects of effwits, Dear Leader Dave was getting stuck into Labor till he delivered the punch line; masochicosadism. If you’re going to hurl epithets get them right or at least be a clever pun the sheeple understand.
    Dave or Red Ted, you Brits are fucked.

  • Nicholas (Self-Sovereignty) Gray

    I doubt he will have any staying power. How many movies has he been in, lately? Though it is depressing, the number of celebrities who have socialist tendencies. I wonder if the thirst for numbers inclines them to mobs and mobbish thinking? Could be a new symptom- The crowd-pleasing neurosis!

  • Vinegar Joe

    “Rock stars, is there anything they don’t know?” – Homer Simpson

  • Sorry, but I beg to differ: it does very much matter what a “celebrity” or any other person with a big-enough soapbox thinks. Fact is, we do notice and appreciate the precious few who publicly express ideas we do like, because we simply appreciate their holding and expressing such ideas as “mere” human beings, and because of that very soapbox – i.e. we think or hope that they have at least some influence on the opinions of people who happen to listen to them (if there are any such people – if not, then we should not be annoyed by the Brands of this world either).

    Luckily, and at least for now, Brand is not a politician, and so is not in a position of any real power, other than the power of speech. By all means mock and ridicule his views, but comparing him to famous political figures (good or bad) is entirely beside the point, as is stressing the fact that he’s “just a comedian”.

  • bloke in spain

    Dunno. I thought the bit about the bulldog was quite profound.

  • I have to describe Brand as an incoherent noise source.

  • Andrew Duffin

    Ha ha very good.

    But the point about this shallow ignorant tosser is actually that he’s part of the Establishment: leftish, urban, bbc, political class cadet, party member – he ticks all the boxes.

    Brand? Revolutionary?

    Shurely shome mishtake…

  • Richard Thomas

    I wish I could be so lackadaisical about Brand. Unfortunately, I believe there is some non-zero chance he could turn out be quite dangerous. There are many who are (and rightly so) disaffected with the status-quo, are itching for a bit of a scrap and are ready to listen to his message. Indeed, even within some of those who I know well and would otherwise consider to be reasonably intelligent.
    Those of us who find him laughable perhaps underestimate his charismatic appeal to others. After all, I’m sure there were plenty who thought Ernesto was a bit of a joke until he had his .45 up to the back of their head.
    Though I’m not stressing too much. It’s probably coming anyway and if it wasn’t Brand, it would be someone else. The preparations are just the same.