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The effable sadness of the left

The left has gone so far down its own black hole that it has become a caricature of itself. Read it and laugh.

21 comments to The effable sadness of the left

  • the other rob

    That truly does read like a parody! I particularly liked the part where “frontier pioneering, continual progress, manifest destiny, free enterprise, rugged individualism, and a right to life without limits” are held up as examples of bad things, which are to be abhorred.

  • Julie near Chicago


  • Laird

    Curious indeed. According to her own bio this woman is an employee of NASA (“I do science communication research for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) Astrobiology and Near Earth Object programs in the agency’s Science Mission Directorate.”) Of course, she’s not a scientist, merely a journalist. But still, why would such a person be so opposed to space colonization? It really makes no sense.

    On a separate matter, Dale do you know anything about the Earthlight Foundation and its New Worlds Institute? (It was mentioned, and linked, in the article.) It looks somewhat interesting, but there is absolutely no information on its website about who is involved with it. Any thoughts?

  • Runcie Balspune

    The left went up its ironic ass long ago when it became openly ashamed of the advancements in equality between gender and race because they were achieved by “white males” in the establishment, for them, the revolution from below is the only credible way of causing change, even though most instances of such in history have created even worse societies than the one they replaced.

    The one big thing the American space program did for humanity was that it effectively stopped the commies from taking over the world, but you wouldn’t expect a leftist to think that is a good thing.

  • ,the other rob roebed me because this was the line…

    ““Examining the history of space flight advocacy reveals an ideology of space flight that draws deeply on a durable American cultural narrative – a national mythology – of frontier pioneering, continual progress, manifest destiny, free enterprise, rugged individualism, and a right to life without limits. ”

    Oddly enough things like continual progress appeal to me. The left are students of the Farts and Huge Manatees who can never get over the fact they wasted their time. They think, ultimately that genuine human progress is about organising society along the lines of Marx and not Tesla. You see it everywhere. You see it in the Maximum Population outfit. You see it essentially in the idea that we are evil incarnate. They fundamentally think this incontrovertible truth that the top down (i.e. them) organization of humanity is the way to go and not technology (are not the Greens utter ludites?) . They hate tech because they don’t understand it. They do understand endless comittees. That is what they did at college isn’t it?

    Earthlight, Laird, is the reflection of the Earth onto the Moon. But I just have an MSc in Astrophysics.

  • Runcie,

    No, they want it from the top because they believe they ought to be the top.

  • Allen Farrington

    This is nothing about which to laugh. Read who this woman actually is and note a) how highly she ranks in the educational clergy and b) how much authoritative exposure she has to children.

  • Josh Ham

    I must travel in the wrong circles because things like this still shock me, I admit it. The idea that a statement’s truth/falsity or goodness/badness depends on which mouth it comes out of… that’s messed up. What the heck difference does how much melanin or testosterone someone produces have on whether their ideas on space exploration are valid? Yet the very first thing doctorlinda tells us about the people testifying before the committee is that they are “six white, male, human-exploration advocates”. Very open-minded of her.

    This mindset is malignant.

  • PeterT

    But I just have an MSc in Astrophysics.

    This has sunk in by now NickM, thanks 🙂

  • Mr Ed

    I expect that this sort would end up trying to originate a theory of Socialism in One Solar System. Well for all you nostalgic Lefties out there, there is a CyberUSSR devoted to keeping the template of Proletarian Progress alive (and the proletariat, bourgeoise and others dead), so perhaps from parody to pastiche, we might find a synthesis.

  • JohnW

    “As a moderate social constructivist, I assume that a physical reality exists independent of human perception and that social interactions define how we perceive and relate to this reality…
    With regard to structuralist, functionalist, structural-functionalist, postmodernist, poststructuralist, feminist, and deconstructionist perspectives on social reality, my own perspective on social reality is none of the above in any strict sense and all of the above in at least some small sense.I am interested in how structure, function, values, interests, and any other social or cultural factors that appear to be operative and relevant may play a role in the social construction of reality, in specific cases and in general.”

    “Social interactions” do not “define how we perceive and relate to this reality.”

    How we relate to reality is something each of us has to figure out for ourselves. Some of us prefer to relate to reality using reason and logic – others, not so much.

    This latter, is especially true for those who regard logic itself as inherently prejudicial.

  • Paul Marks

    As you said Ed – Cyber USSR or really to merge with “RT” – perhaps they are really part of the same thing.

    Yes Nick – sums it up.

    I have replied at the site.

  • Laird

    I know what “earthlight” is, NickM (and yes, I know all about your astrophysical prowess, too). What I was asking about is information on the Earthlight Foundation, if anyone has any to share.

  • Fred the Fourth

    I would pay serious money to see this woman in a cage match with Mary Shafer, once project engineering manager for the SR-71 at Edwards / Dryden.
    What am I saying – it would be over in milliseconds.

  • Fred the Fourth

    If there’s any thing good about my father’s demise, it is that he did not have to see NASA parisitized by these useless but dangerous folk.

  • JohnW

    You have no idea how nuts these wimmin are.

  • Mr Ed

    JohnW. I think that you have actually found a Dimension Jump to an alternative Universe where gender-based bi-logism applies, and where feminist water is HO, not bigamous, patriarchal, H2O where the two Hydrogen atoms, which were happily joined together as H2, are subordinate to Oxygen in the power structures of capitalist chemistry.

  • JohnW

    That’s just the sort of thing a man would say.

  • Dale Amon (Belfast, Northern Ireland/Laramie, Wy)

    Ah, yes, Mary Shafer: “A Mig at your six is better than no Mig at all”… Never met her in person but knew her on line through the entirety of the eighties and most of the nineties.

  • Dale Amon (Belfast, Northern Ireland/Laramie, Wy)

    Laird: I don’t know much about those organizations but I have heard of them. I’m expecting they will have a presence at our NSS conference in Toronto.

    I will also note that I have known those 6 white males for decades since I am part of the leadership of the National Space Society and most of the folks in the Space Frontier Foundation are old friends and drinking buddies.

    Obviously, then, I am part of her problem.

  • Thailover

    Leftism is so absurd, it’s difficult to tell if the article was written as satire or serious. The thrust of the article can be summed up as, “how dare you consider spending your money and efforts towards something other than me”. LOL