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Crash OverRide Network is not an anti-harassment campaign. It cannot be an anti-harassment campaign as it is run by someone who profits and gains notoriety by openly harassing people online. An anti harassment campaign is one that works to prevent the harassment of everyone, whether you personally like them, whether you disagree with things they have done, or whether they share your political ideals. If Quinn really wished to prevent harassment online, she would stop perpetrating it. I will surely not be the last woman she tries to remove from our industry.

Georgina Young

Of course the BBC, pretty much the worst tech reporters to be found anywhere, fail their due diligence as usual and just report it all at face value.

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  • Nicholas

    The whole GamerGate thing has been a depressing one. Feminist ‘social justice’ advocates infiltrate & take the commanding heights of the gaming press. Gamergate itself then reveals the extent of collusion, corruption and narrative control. The resulting backlash is then painted by this same clique and their SJW supporters as being about harassment and hatred of women in gaming and in general. That message is then picked up by mainstream media and swallowed whole. The only upside is that GG didn’t die it has morphed into an ongoing guerrilla resistance that now knows who its enemy is and won’t forget.

  • Paul Marks

    Quite so.

    This is a classical example of how the Frankfurt School Marxists operate – and why it is not “paranoid” to mention them.

    They go into an area of life (in this case gaming – and the press that cover it) and try to turn people against each other – create “victim groups” on race or gender lines, and try to turn the content of the undertaking (in this case gaming) into making “big business” or “white male domination” the baddies of the undertaking.

    A lot of people who are not even Marxists just end up “going with the flow” (to avoid being attacked) and make “big business” or whatever the bad guy in their games, films, television shows (and so on).

    Gain control of the education system (the schools and the universities) and the media – then the Marxists can (and do) drag lots of other things, even computer gaming, their way.

    By the way – these Frankfurt School people really could not give a flying bleep about women or racial minorities, it is an EXCUSE.

    And their standard tactic against anyone who tries to expose them is to chant “paranoid”, “crazy” (and on and on).

    Always they target the young – try and get people before they have any real experience of the world.

    And the “mainstream media”?

    Like most schools and universities they came under the INDIRECT influence of the Frankfurt School “Political Correctness” and “Critical Theory” (which, of course, tries to “unmask” “capitalism” and so on) long ago.

  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I read an article the basis of which is what somebody said on Twitter, I show as much interest as I do in two kids in a sandpit squabbling over the red Tonka truck. My reasoning is that if somebody needs to say something important, they will not limit themselves to an arbitrary 146 characters. Twitter does seem very good for rabble-rousing and generating outrage, though.

  • Jake Haye

    I doubt many of the SJWs involved in GamerGate have even heard of Frankfurt School Marxism, much less read any pamphlets about it.

    Their behaviour is ultimately caused by the fact that they are obnoxious little shits.

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    If I can dig up the article I will link to it later but I recall some months ago one of the SJW people actually saying they were fans of the Frankfurt School (or words to that effect)