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Happy New Year (again) – courtesy of French TV

Yes, here’s another Happy New Year to everyone, this time from French National Treasure Jean-Paul Belmondo, snapped by me (in amazement at how he looked – I think I last saw him in Borsalino) straight off of French TV (no idea which channel), at or around midnight on Dec 31/Jan 1:


I thought Belmondo had died several years ago. After seeing him on TV, I still suspect that maybe he did die, and that the museum where they keep all the dead (human) French National Treasures has a highly sophisticated animatronics department.

6 comments to Happy New Year (again) – courtesy of French TV

  • Mr Ed

    I was just thinking about animatronics, and how Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko were kept going by the Soviets, and how these inhuman beasts were kept going in the early 1980s. My mind wandered as I mused how the Labour Party went from its own Gorbachev in Blair back to Brezhnev Brown, only to replace him with a Chernenko in mind but not body, who looks set to shuffle into power.

    In France of course, they have their own State monument to death in the Panthéon, where oddly, the 100,000 or so Catholic peasants etc. from the Vendée murdered by the Revolutionaries do not fit, either physically or conceptually. (Thanks to Snorri G for that site).

  • Mr eCKS

    Belmondo’s heyday is 50 years gone now. His film “The Burglars” has scenes of him using the urban landscape as he flees pursuit on foot that might have been the inspiration for the contemporary Parkour cult. Or possibly Jackie Chan.

  • RAB

    I thought we sank him during the Falklands war? 😉

  • Jacob

    Don’t forget Alain Delon.

  • RAB

    Or Johnny Halliday, the closest France got to Cliff Richard, fer chrissakes even! Then there was… Charles Aznovoice, and er, er, fuck what was his name? In Gigi… oh yes… Maurice Chevalier. Christ you have to go back to Piaf to find a French singer who can connect to a rockin groove.