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Our old buddy, the law of unintended consequences

Hannah Thoburn has an interesting article on World Affairs called Putin the Unifier:

There’s nothing like an invasion to bring a country together. Ask any Ukrainian on any street and they’ll tell you the same thing, almost thankfully: Vladimir Putin has united Ukraine like never before. His actions in eastern Ukraine have proven a kind of catalyst that have forged a nation out of a group of people that once squabbled incessantly about politics, language rights, and tax dollars.

Southern Ukrainians who once sighed in exasperation at the “nationalists from the west” of Ukraine (as the common saying went) are now excited about the election to Parliament of a new, youthful, pro-European party, Self-Reliance, which hails from that region. Perhaps, one woman told me, they can teach us how to begin to “live in the European way.” Some in customarily Russian-speaking areas have taken to purposefully speaking Ukrainian so as to not perpetuate Russian soft power.

This pretty much squares with what I have heard from people I know or correspond with in the Ukraine. They tend to be deeply cynical about domestic corruption and local politicians generally, but all have told me hostility to the Kremlin and pro-western sentiments now largely transcends narrower political groupings, making for some eye widening collaboration amongst very unlikely allies. A guy I know also said much the same thing about many Russians becoming very vocally Ukrainian, with some going ‘deep nationalist’ as only Russians can these days, just not in the way the charming Mr. Putin might have expected.

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  • Regional

    There’s a meeting of World Wankers in Boganstan on the weekend and units of the Russian Navy are close by to give Putting moral support. The local Meeja are wet between the knees in delicious anticipation of the government being ousted.

  • Miroslav Krajnik

    Is so much Russian propaganda on web is no surprising people have strange notion on Ukraine. Anyone with braincell can figure out most Ukrainians see clearly who enemy is and is not.

  • bob sykes

    Considering how deep the divisions were in the Yanukovych election, one can doubt the claim that all of Ukraine is united against Putin. There are enough separatists running around in the east to tie down nearly the whole Ukrainian army. It is safe to assume that west of the Dniepr and in KIev large majorities want to join the European Union and NATO.

  • There are enough separatists running around in the east to tie down nearly the whole Ukrainian army.

    Hahaha, yes and I am sure it has nothing to do with all those Russian servicemen ‘on holiday’ there, with their tanks and Grad MLRS and SAMs.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Putin has a powerful alliance with China – the first or second largest economy in the world, with a vastly improving military and endless claims for lands and seas in Asia and Pacific.

    There are also nasty little allies such as most of Latin America – yes a chaotic mess, but vast numbers of people, many millions of whom are pouring into the United States to join Barack Obama in his plans to destroy, “fundamentally transform”, the United States in the name of “Social Justice”.

    There is also the Putin ally Iran – small by the standards of Russia and China, but vicious, fanatical, and soon to be armed with nuclear weapons and long range missiles. The West appears to be bewitched by the “moderate” President – but the nature of the “Hastener” regime remains the same.

    Meanwhile the United States military, the only force that could deter the alliance of Mr Putin and China, is being butchered by the will of Barack Obama.

    And American industry is soon also to be butchered by the will of Barack Obama – via such things as the emerging costs of Obamacare and the agreement with China to reduce C02 emissions by 28% – whilst China has agreed to NOTHING.

    There is also the impending collapse of the credit money bubble economy “you are always predicting the Sky Will Fall Chicken Little” – one day the credit bubble, must bust, yes it has lasted much longer than I ever thought possible, but it can last for ever.

    Be that as it may – even if the credit bubble economy holds – the direct interventions, the EPA hitting C02, the minimum wage hikes, the unfolding costs of Obamacare, the ……, are more than enough to crush the American (and, therefore, the Western economy) in 2015 and 2016.

    Soon the enemies of the West, Putin’s Russia, China, Iran, the Social Justice regimes of Latin America (and on and on), will be stronger than the, dying, West.

    And whilst Mr Obama and his servant Mr Biden remain in place the chances of reform (of even stopping the decline) are zero.

    “Impeachment”? Not a chance – it takes two thirds of the Senate.

    If there is a solution to the Obama problem it will involve other means.

  • Ockham's Spoon

    Not sure how wonderful Putin’s so called alliance with China really is.

  • Regional

    How far up the Yangtze can ocean going cargo vessel sail?
    China will not invade Siberia it’s to far to carry iron ore and coal by train.
    One rain can carry as much as 100 trucks and one freighter can carry as much as 100 trains.
    America has a huge advantage in that the Eastern half can be circumnavigated by ocean going cargo vessels opening up it’s rich hinterland.
    There are rivers that flow out of Siberia that dwarf the Mississippi and if the Ruskies could rid the Artic of ice, navigation would be a lot easier for cargo vessels. The benefits for Russia and Canada would be immense. The elite want to Keep Artic ice to provide diving platforms for seals, fuck ’em.

  • Nicholas (natural Genius) Gray

    So the Russians ARE warming up the globe? Thanks for the info, Regional!

  • Regional

    I didn’t say that, IF