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The EU cares! And you should too!


Found on and duly pilfered from Raedwald 😀

8 comments to The EU cares! And you should too!

  • Laird

    Ooh, that’s brilliant! There is no defense against the rapier thrust of clever satire.

    I also liked Raedwald’s article on Perchtennacht and the Rochester Sweeps. Those are traditions well worth keeping.

  • Paul Marks

    Exactly Perry – the demand for still more money is wrong (insane) on PRINCIPLE (and principle is not a dirty word).

    If Mr Cameron gives in after the Rochester by election (“I said I would not pay by December 1st, but it is now December the 2nd…”) then it will not matter if my Member of Parliament and myself stay in the party or not. As the Conservative party will (if Mr Cameron gives in to the new demand for money) be utterly swept away at the next election.

  • Regional

    How does one pronounce maladministration in Frogistan?

  • J.M. Heinrichs

    “une vie normale”.


  • Regional


  • Richard Thomas

    Perhaps it is time for one of those campaigns such has been successful in rescuing a few US shows from cancellation (albeit usually temporarily). If a few thousand people mailed Cameron a handbag to remind him of of Mrs T’s famous antics when it came to the EU and our money…

  • This is the sort of thinking the Republican party has been missing since about 1900.
    Daniel has an MBA from Harvard and has landed a minimum-wage ($1xx,xxx) job as a policy adviser for a career Democrat. Etc, etc. Give him all your money and he’ll stop global warming, restart the economy, unionize your schools, bring green mass transit to your front door and have the entire United Nations singing Kum-by-yah in 150-part harmony.

    I’m stealing this and passing it along to the secret reptillian would-be masters of the universe. Also Ryan Call.

  • long-lost cousin


    If you send Ryan Call anything, please make it a sex toy wrapped in barbed wire, feces, and ebola. I’m trying to think of someone who worked harder to thwart our recall efforts last year, but all I’ve got are John Morse and Dudley Brown.