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Pro Bono

Ever since Rob Fisher wrote this post saying he was almost starting to like Bono, I’ve been wanting to write a post called Pro Bono. And now I can.

From the Observer:

Bono: controversial tax laws have brought Ireland the only prosperity it’s ever known

U2 singer says capitalism and commerce play a vital role in lifting people out of poverty and that Ireland’s tax policies benefit the country’s economy

The comments are mostly against him. I’m pro him.

13 comments to Pro Bono

  • I already left a few pro comments just to enrage the natives 😉 Pearls before the swine though.

  • Paul Marks

    The Observer crowd would be in favour of tyranny – and against business enterprises getting any relief from being taxed into the ground.

    The European Union is fanatically determined to crush “tax competition” (i.e. freedom – one reason why “pro E.U. free market people” are fools). They are using the excuse that the E.U. “saved Ireland” during the bank bailouts.

    They pretend not to know that the Irish government was pushed into a giving a blank cheque to the banks – by the German government (operating for German creditors).

    Anglo Irish bank (and so on) should have been allowed to go BANKRUPT.

    Prosperity is not from credit bubble finance.

    Prosperity is from making things (or growing things) that people actually want – to a credit draft to buy the things (on the “never-never”) the actual things themselves.

    Anyone who wants to post the above on the Observer site may do so.

    I am depressed enough without going to such places as the Observer site.

  • JohnW

    £75 billion bailout to 6.5 million population equals £11,500 to every man woman and child.


  • PersonFromPorlock

    What’s an “honorary knighthood?”

  • Mr Ed

    PfP it is a knighthood given to a person who is not a British citizen, who therefore may not use the prefix ‘Sir’ to his first name, e.g. Caspar Weinberger, who was a Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (if you believe that such things have any basis in reality).

  • Clovis Sangrail

    Mr Ed, PfP,
    A petty correction: it’s a knighthood given to someone who is not a Commonwealth citizen and is therefore may not use the prefix.

  • Mr Ed

    Clovis, I think that some Commonwealth realms are quite fussy about other realms awarding honours, e.g. Canada and the Nickle Resolution.

  • Nick (Natural Genius) Gray

    Pro Bono Privato, anyone?

  • jimmy dublin

    its a beautiful day when the lads of u2 speak up for freedom. Sometimes we can’t make it on our own and it takes a miracle drug like bono to say it like it is. thanks to u2, in a little while the gospel of freedom will be heard even where the streets have no name

    bono, you are even better than the real thing

  • PeterT

    I may now actually listen to the new U2 album that has magically appeared on my iPhone.

  • Rob Fisher (Surrey)

    I came here to blog this (as it reappeard in the Guardian). Thanks for saving me the trouble! I’m liking him more and more.

    And how’s this for a non-sequitur?

    fans of the singer may be surprised by his seeming change of tact on the issue of corporate tax avoidance – Bono was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for his campaign to alleviate world debt.

    A can imagine a lot of people listening to Bono and a lightbulb going on in their heads. This is good.

  • With an Honorary Knighthood, you may not be able to use Sir as a prefix, but you still get to ride down peasants, so you at least have that.

    Regarding Bono, yes, he is saying some likable things now, but he is still annoying.

  • Tedd

    “I’d say that’s my biggest transformation in 10 years: understanding the power of commerce to make or break lives, and that it cannot be given into as the dominating force in our lives.” –Bono

    My optimism/pessimism needle just jumped a tick toward the optimism end. Those for whom there is no hope of understanding will no doubt react to this by rejecting Bono, and that’s reflected in the comments. But those for whom a more enlightened future is possible may be inspired to re-think their assumptions and try to understand what Bono is saying. That seems very promising.