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Our Chavez, who art in heaven

Progressive Venezuela has rediscovered the benefits of Emperor worship:

“Venezuelan Socialists rewrite Lord’s Prayer: ‘Our Chavez, who art in heaven'”

No doubt, like Claudius, the Divine Hugo will be worshipped by the more gullible among the British tribesmen. As Seneca wrote in the Apocolocyntosis,

Is it not enough that he has a temple in Britain, that savages worship him and pray to him as a god, so that they may find a fool to have mercy upon them?”

16 comments to Our Chavez, who art in heaven

  • James Waterton

    This is the (presumably immaculate) mother of all Hail Mary passes.

    Bye bye, Bolivarian Revolution.

  • James Waterton

    I look forward to the imminent occasion when Maduro wishes he stuck with driving buses.

    Sic semper tyrannis.

  • dfwmtx

    According to Wikipedia, Che is venerated as a saint by some in South America. So I’m not completely surprised at this. Latin American folk Catholicism can come out in weird ways -look at the Penetentes, , narco-saints like Jesus Malverde, the Santa Muerte cult. But take religion out of the folk Catholicism and replace if with socialistic hero worship, yeah, you get this.

    But still not as bizarre as the deification of the Kims in Norkorea.

  • CaptDMO

    And in *ahem* SOME American “big city” Grade” schools-(now K) through 6th.
    “Mmmm..mmmm…mmmmm. Barak Hussain Obama.Mmmm..mmmm…mmmmm”

  • Runcie Balspune

    Che is venerated as a saint by some in South America

    A recent edition of Fortean Times examined this regional phenomena and how Chavez has joined the ranks of the venerated, a fact not unnoticed by his successor, who claimed Chavez had visited him as a small bird and as a stain on a tunnel wall.

  • lucklucky

    I’ll wait well seated and confortable for when Socialists make the same with some Islamic scripture.

  • Regional

    The Strayan Meeja adore Chavez. When the Howard government had no debt, money set aside for future contingencies, budget in surplus, a generous welfare system, they wanted to bring him to Astraya to show us how to run the joint. The Strayan Meeja are bat shit mad.

  • Richard Thomas

    It doesn’t appear to be a general thing though. I was reading how memorials to Ernesto Lynch in Venezuela were getting destroyed (by machine gun fire in one case).

    Be wary of your sources of information.

  • Jaded Voluntaryist

    Well it was always an open question as to how the Venezuelans were going to keep Chavmunism going after the death of it’s architect. Now we know: El Juche.

  • Paul Marks

    The sort of thing that is being done in Venezuela (and in so much else of Latin America – even starting in Chile now) is the logical end point of what is taught in the “education system” (the schools and universities) of every major Western nation, and supported by the “mainstream” media.

    We have not reached the Venezuelan position yet – but our nations are on the road to it.

    Unless we change the principles (the so called “values”) that are taught to the young – and reinforced by the media (including the entertainment media – such as Hollywood and television shows).

  • Regional

    Paul Marks,
    The Education system and the Meeja ignore the consequences of populist policies.
    Now that the Obama Administration have realised that dropping the soap to the Islamic extremists was bad policy and it will have dire consequences for the Middle East just like Europe in 1938.

  • Regional

    When you say a temple in Britain I assumed it was the BBC.

  • Vinegar Joe

    Heresy!!! Obama PBUH has the Nobel Peace Prize! Match that South American maggot food!

  • Vinegar Joe

    “…….his successor, who claimed Chavez had visited him as a small bird and as a stain on a tunnel wall.”

    This is a bad translation. It should have read:

    “Chavez had visited him as a small turd and as a stain in his underwear.”

    Hope this clears things up.

  • Rob

    Typical Latins