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Samizdata smitebot goes berserk!

Our spam filter seems to be a bit out of control and for some reason has taken a dislike to several regular commenters! If you get smited/smote/smitten by the crazed bot, drop us an e-mail so we can administer a kick to the system to un-smite you 😉

12 comments to Samizdata smitebot goes berserk!

  • Perry,

    I was smitten. (I still am but in a different way) – What I found out was that I was put on a blacklist. I must have said something somewhere. In any case I contacted Akismet (the WordPress spam filter) and they got me unblacklisted. Of course you helped with Samizdata.

    I wonder if the Russians are playing games. Or maybe it was an Jihad sympathizer. Or?

  • Ah good to know! This seems to have suddenly happened to several Samizdata commenters, such as Laird and Bruce Hoult as well! Un-spamming you seems to duly chastise the Samizdata smite bot but that does seem to suggest Akismet will still spam tag you for other WordPress sites using it (which most do).

  • CaptDMO

    I blame Russian hackers. You know, the ones blamed for the inevitable disruptions of “special” functions
    installed on each and every communications device by..uh…um…those evil Russian hackers.

  • Laird

    Well, you seem to have fixed it, Perry; thanks. Do I need to go to Akismet, too? How?

  • Richard Thomas

    Obviously you’ve been hacked by GCHQ.

  • Alex

    An illustration of the dangers of centralized blacklists. 😉

  • Do I need to go to Akismet, too? How?

    Good question, to which M. Simon hopefully has the answer!

  • Here goes…

    Q: What is your name?

    A: Leslie Bates

    Q: What is you favorite color?

    A: Blue

    Q: What is the capital of Abyssinia?

    A: It’s now called Ethiopia.

    Q: What? I didn’t know that…ahhhhh!

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    “I’m sorry, Dave, but I cannot allow that comment. I’m going to have to smite you. The operational record of the Samizdata Smitebot is perfect … “

  • Julie near Chicago

    Well, I refuse to be smited if it’s not even going to let me watch the Samizdatan Cats while I wait!

  • Nick (Natural Genius) Gray

    I always thought there was something wrong with the smitebot. I thought it just had good taste, now I find that other people, few of whom would have taste, were also black-listed! Perhaps C3PO could take over…?

  • If you have benn blocked generally on WordPress (or other sites) getting in touch with Akismet will help.