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To be fair, Swiss agriculture is so heavily subsidised that it makes French agriculture look like a bastion of free market liberalism. If the Swiss were to expand it further to make more exports to Russia, that would make them poorer, not richer.

I see that places like Argentina do seem to be attempting to sell things to Russia in response to recent developments. I wish them luck with it, honestly, and this might be good for Russian consumers from the perspective that Argentina does, at least, produce some decent cheeses.

On the other hand, doing business with Russia is likely to be a nightmare. Just like doing business with Argentina. Possibly they deserve each other.

Michael Jennings

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  • Ben

    Swiss agricultural subsidies are strategic. The purpose is to maintain the capacity to produce food as part of their defence policy. It is the same reason they have tanks and artillery they don’t use but keep maintaining, upgrading, and practicing with.

  • Swiss agricultural subsidies are strategic.

    Must keep the bunkers well stocked with yummy expensive Appenzeller, eh?

  • Mr Ed

    Is that policy Emmenthally sensible?

  • Paul Marks

    Good post.

    Although it is the Russian and Argentine GOVERNMENTS that deserve each other.

  • The Swiss agricultural subsidies are also about paying farmers for the upkeep of the country – to maintain that image of Switzerland as a place of beautiful mountains and spotted cows and chocolate and yodelling and Heidi and stuff. So in effect they are a subsidy to the tourist industry, and the general image of Switzerland. Which is fine, but still not a reason to sell food to the Russians.

  • Mr Ed

    The Argentine people chose their governments, the decent ones get shouted down. Water finds its own level.

  • Michael Jennings (London)

    Oh, I’d rather live in Argentina over Russia any time. Still a depressingly dysfunctional place, though.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Mr Ed
    August 19, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    Is that policy Emmenthally sensible?

    Yes, but I’m afraid there are holes in it.

  • Nick (natural genius) Gray

    I suppose the Swiss want to maintain their identity, and not become part of the European monoculture (Eurocult?). As a minarchist, good luck to them!
    Never mind Europe- what is Britain doing about trade with Russia? Or is Cameron generating hot air for local use only?

  • Yondu Ondata

    The justification of subsidies, whether it be NASCAR, Notwork Rail, or the vile fraud that is farming subsidies (given to fat, rich farmers by corrupt politicians) on ludicrous grounds of “defence”, “tourism” or any other sanctimonious, conceited drivel, is beneath contempt.

  • PeterT

    Mr Ed
    August 19, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    Is that policy Emmenthally sensible?

    Yes, but I’m afraid there are holes in it.

    Other than the holes I think it was a Goudaidea

  • I Camembert these awful cheese puns!

  • Mr Ed

    I Camembert these awful cheese puns!

    I a-brie, it’s a feta worse than death. I actually thought that I was halloumi-cinating. Stil ton we go, Caerphilly now.

  • Ljh

    Au contraire I am rather fondue of cheesy puns.

  • PeterT

    I’ll just say this then I’ll cheddar-ta here

  • I’d rather have some bleu humor instead of these cheese puns.

  • Regional

    This beat up about Swiss cheese has holes in it.

  • veryretired

    I wonder if that cheese shop has any Argentinian llama cheese?

  • Come on guys, stop it. Keep this up and I won’t brie back.

  • Nick (natural genius) Gray

    Now russia is getting tough on MacDonalds! (took them long enough to catch on!). Instead of milk-shakes, they should have offered Vodka-shakes!

  • Richard Thomas

    This has certainly turned into a munster of a thread.

  • Phil B

    You are a Krafty lot …