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The Onions crosses the lime!

Oh halp, we need to keep them furners out!

28 comments to The Onions crosses the lime!

  • Laird

    Neither funny nor intelligent. Not up to the Onion’s usual standard.

  • chuck

    Neither funny nor intelligent.


    Not up to the Onion’s usual standard.


  • Synwave

    Must be too close to the (Argentine Grass Fed) bone for some Yanks 😛

  • Nick (Blame FrenchMEN) Gray

    I call thyme out! Lettuce have peas! I expect grape things from us. We shouldn’t go name-calling, juice cos-cos we can! I want a calm debate, not an impassionfruited one!

  • Regional

    Laird being a Seppo would naturally be upset that people in Forren lands are upset that the Great Satan is flooding their markets with highly subsidised food destroying local producers.

  • Plamus

    Nick, chilli out, pal. How long dill it gets out of hand? Kiwi just get along? There just isn’t mushroom for this crab! Orange you glad you’re not like that? You are the man-go you!

  • Nick (Blame FrenchMEN) Gray

    Regional, do I need to point out that the original poster of this piece from ‘The Onion’ is American, i.e., a Yank, a ‘septic tank’ (in rhyming slang)? And the cartoon was of an american store with foreign foods in it, i.e. parts of that Great Satan? Please try to keep a grip, and go back on the meds.

  • Regional

    Seppo, abbreviation of Septic Tank,
    The Onion is American, der!!!!!!
    America like the Europeans is flooding the world with highly subsidised foods destroying local growers, the approaching ice age should restore reality.
    Check out the origin of Kiwi fruit and Passion fruit, thieving Seppos.
    Nick get off your high horse, Astraya imports over half it’s food, local producers priced out the market by cheap subsidised imports from the Great Satan and Fascist Europe.

  • Nick (Blame FrenchMEN) Gray

    Regional, Illuminatus, who gave us this link to ‘The Onion’, is an Americam, so he must have a sense of humour. And I know that Kiwifruit originated in Australia. But Australia manages to sell food to the rest of the world, so we must be doing something right!

  • patriarchal landmine

    the onion is best taken in small doses.

    I thought this was pretty decent. their goofy political cartoon parodies usually are.

  • Regional

    Nick and Laird,
    I used to think there was no lower life form than an Astrayan journalist but a Seppo Carpet Bagger took out the pattern on Ug Boots an iconic sheep skin boots. Ug Boot is a generic term but a Carpet Bagger Seppo judge sanctioned the theft and you wonder why the world hates your guts.

  • Regional

    We must be something right, right.
    The highly subsidised Seppo wheat farmers tried to put our unsubsidised wheat farmers out of business with allegations of bribes paid to an Iraqi dictator, they’re still cunts.

  • Nick (Blame FrenchMEN) Gray

    Regional, whilst I dislike many things about America, such as Hollywood trying to insert Americans into any heroic instance in history, there are also some nice things about America, like…..
    Give me time….um Strawberry sundaes!
    Lots of strident rhetoric!
    2+1/2 men!

  • Laird

    It took me a while to figure out what a “Seppo” is. It’s always entertaining to learn foreign slang. Now that I have that taken care of I can see that Regional completely misunderstood the cartoon. Regional, here’s a clue: it’s not about our exports (subsidized or otherwise); it’s a ham-fisted complaint about US immigration policy. (Well, I’m not sure we really have an immigration policy any more, so I guess it’s really a puerile attempt to ridicule those who think we should have one.)

  • I think it is more an attempt to wind up the people who think ‘we’ should, so… 😉

  • Regional

    You’re whinging about Forreners exporting their subsidised surpluses to
    America but conveniently ignore the Great Satan’s dumping it’s subsidised surplus on world markets along with export enhancement incentives destroying local producers, arrogant cunts.
    At the end of WW2 the Seppo Carpet baggers went through all factories and took what they wanted. One of the innovations was pressing car bodies without having a separate hood or casting a turret for a MBT that could hold three crew, you’re still cunts or the Great Satan’s dumping it’s vehicles on world markets through massive money printing to finance manufacture and then cheap money to borrow to buy same, you’re still fucking cunts. But you whinge immigration, so do we, the demographics of Astraya has been altered forever particularly Forreners claiming refugee status to claim very generous benefits and then go home for holidays. Laird you should really try to find out what’s happening and not behaving in a condescending manner. Incidentally Astraya has stopped the boats and we’re a world pariah, meanwhile Europe is being invaded from the Maghreb by boat people while people are flooding across the Mexican Border and your Dear Leader regards those in the Border states trying to prevent the invasion as enemies of humanity. Wonder how the cunt would feel if the border states shipped all illegal immigrants to Washington and dumped them outside the White House?

  • Friday Night Smoke

    Well that escalated quickly.

  • Laird

    Do you need to buy a new keyboard after that rant, Regional?

  • Now now people, put down the pointy sticks and chill out!

  • Regional

    I’m not upset at all but amused your Farnarcling, typical of big city folk and all I can say to you is, go ahead and jump, it’s not the fall that removes your breathing licence, it’s the sudden stop at the end, happy plummeting.

  • Nick (Blame FrenchMEN) Gray

    Regional, you don’t seem to realise that the Americans are responsible for the British colonising Awstraya! If Washington and the rest hadn’t said, “We can handle things from now on, you go and fill that new continent that Mister Cook has found!”, then this place might be called Nouveau France, famous for it’s waratah pastries, and Kangaroo leg soup! Who would want that?

  • Why not just have free trade and no subsidies? And if a few Farmer Palmers have to suck on their twelve-bore then fuck ’em. Nobody will employ me as a Hansom Cab light-fitter either!

  • Regional

    Nick G.
    The Dutch and French didn’t settle Awstraya because it was too hot and dry and Britain at the time the biggest wool and coal exporter saw the potential besides Awstraya was settled by the scum of Britain, nothing much has changed. In some parts of the Sinny costal area coal seams are visible from out at sea that run right back to the Hunter region. Speaking of the Great Satan, Google ‘Coals to Newcastle’ hilarious story or the Slave Revolt on St. Johns where a rag tag army of slaves saw of Napoleon’s Marines, history is full of paradoxes.

  • Laird

    Regional, not sure what I did to incur your ire, but it’s clear that you’re as stupid as you are rude. I’m done with you.

  • Nick (Blame FrenchMEN) Gray

    Laird, it’s obvious what you did- you did be born an American! For shame!
    And I actually think he might be even stupider than he is rude! Whilst I am aware of how big American companies try to control foreign markets, I’m not sure if we’d be any different if our economy was bigger, and soon the Chinese will be the villains, because of their market share.

  • jdm

    I’d like to ditto each of Laird’s replies from first to last. I especially liked the use of the term ham-fisted in describing anything by The Onion.

  • I agree with Laird in that respect, being a big ham fan, but I think thinly sliced prosciutto would be more accurate. Yum.