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A very welcome development

As Michael Jennings of this parish often points out, Australian political culture is as corrupt and nasty as pretty much anywhere else in the First World. But nevertheless, this is rather good news:

Tony Abbott, Australia’s centre-right Prime Minister, finally made good on his pre-election pledge after his government repealed the measure introduced by his Labor predecessor Julia Gillard. Poorly thought out and highly unpopular, the tax is almost unique in that it generated virtually no revenue for the Australian Treasury, contributed to the rising costs that have taken the gloss off the country’s resources boom and essentially brought down Ms Gillard’s former Government.

Of course it is not nearly enough, but it is a good start. The important thing is this destroys the aura of invincible inevitability that the Cult of Anthropogenic Climate Change has built up, tearing it off like the vestments of an unchallengeable priesthood to reveal what truly lies beneath. Now drive a stake through the evil beast’s green heart.

8 comments to A very welcome development

  • CaptDMO

    Uh oh.
    Did someone stand up and say “SO, where’s the omelet…..?”
    It just SUCKS when some “unenlightened” kid shouts out “HEY! The Emperor’s Naked…”.
    Before you know it, folks might start questioning the protection racket from the inevitable threat by “The Farmer” too!
    CLEARLY a NEW panel of blind men must be appointed to explain the model, in their minds eye, of the elephant in the room.

  • Mr Ed

    So who is going to be Private Fraser?

  • Jerry

    Thank God, sound like some just might be waking up to the swindle, This whole ‘the sky is falling’ climate scare campaign is and ALWAYS has been about MONEY. It is a tax no matter how it’s presented.

  • Surellin

    I wonder whether the BBC will refuse to report on this story on the grounds that it reflects an AGW-skeptical point of view.

  • MadNumismatist

    As Harry Enfield, as Frank Angry, put it; “shut it you deranged ginger bitXh”


  • Nick (Blame FrenchMEN) Gray

    Don’t worries, chaps!!! Bill Shorten, leader of the Opposition Labor Party, has pledged to bring in something just like it at the next election! Feel better?

  • James Waterton

    Sounds like the author of that Telegraph piece is conflating some characteristics of the carbon tax with the equally ill-considered Minerals Resource Rent Tax, commonly known as the mining tax (a now-doomed tax on mining ‘superprofits’). It was the MRRT that raised almost no revenue. The carbon tax brought in several billions annually. Also, it was the MRRT that took the shine off the resources boom – less so the carbon tax.

  • Mr Ed

    And another welcome development from the UK’s recently sacked Climate Secretary, saying that he won’t be silenced.