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Climate science biases

When it comes to “climate science”, I have for quite a few years now, as my sneer quotes make clear, been inhabiting the land of confirmation bias. So, I will not say that this proves me right. It merely confirms me in my state of ever more glacially advancing contempt for the “science” here described:

Several months afterwards, the society’s ‘newsletter’ was published. It contained a special section on the conference at which I had spoken, with a brief description of each talk, the work behind it, and with thanks offered to each speaker. I searched for my name – nothing. My presentation was ignored in its entirety.

“Disheartening” isn’t the term I would use, and I seriously considered giving up on the entire idea of academia, and getting a nice little 9-5 job. But, I am still here, still working on the problem, still uncovering, lets call them ‘anomalies’, in many areas, which the scientists involved have no clue how to explain, but about which they will hear no view other than their own.

Biases being confirmed all round, it would seem.

3 comments to Climate science biases

  • Jerry

    Stick with it Mr. Micklethwait, don’t let them grind you under !!
    Sane people of the world need your efforts. We already have enough scientifically ignorant people ( who will believe ANYTHING it seems ) foolishly pushing this
    man-made global warming/climate change/climate disruption fantasy !!!

  • Zarba

    But…The science is settled!. Just ask their keynote speaker, Mr. Lysenko!

  • Mr Ed

    If the science is settled, rather like 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O then no further research, and therefore funding is needed.