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Best idea ever?

Crowdfunding military procurement? Could this be the best idea ever? Or at least the best idea since letters of marque?

Actual link to the project here.

18 comments to Best idea ever?

  • Paul Marks

    I do not know, but it is certainly interesting – and I wish them the best of luck.

    Certain people on “Russia Today” are very keen on such funding methods, but I suspect they will not be keen on this particular example of “community action”.

    Ditto our dear friends the “libertarian” left.

  • Halifax QS Geek

    Certain people on “Russia Today” are very keen on such funding methods

    Most crowdfunding is and always has been in the USA. I personally know of some projects in Canada, Germany, UK, Ireland, Poland and Hong Kong and now a very unusual one in Ukraine! But if what you say is correct it is interesting even Russia is catching on eh?

  • Mr Ed

    There is a Vulcan bomber flying these days due to crowd funding. Estimated cost in the region of £19,000,000 to date, it will cease flying in 2015.

    It did a display at Sywell near Northampton a couple of years ago, and one chap put on social media that the East Europeans in his factory nearby were amazed at the Beast and asked what it was. He said that he told them that it was a V-Force Nuclear Bomber that was intended to annihilate the Warsaw Pact, and told them that we kept one going just in case it was still needed, to their great alarm. Prescient words now, perhaps?

    Perhaps the Ukrainians might need a Vulcan and a tactical nuke or two sooner than 2015?

  • I was thinking about something similar while reading about war bonds of past.

  • Mr Ed

    War bonds were just a way of speeding up the confiscation process and making people feel good about it. The money is still in the hands of the State to waste, er, spend as it wishes. At least this has a specific purpose and price tag that might (assuming honesty all round) encourage the funding of worthwhile projects in a financially sensible manner.

  • Indeed Ed, the direct link between the funding and the gear makes it quite different, and at least somewhat harder to finesse.

  • You would have to be absolutely fucking insane to participate in a Russian crowd sourcing scheme. It’s enough trouble entering into a normal contract in that damned place without running the risk of somebody high tailing it with the money.

  • Absolutely, Tim. To me the point is not this particular project, but the idea itself.

  • Halifax QS Geek: Whenever Paul says something involving the two words “Russia Today”, such as:

    “Certain people on “Russia Today” are very keen on such funding methods”…

    That is Paul’s way of saying “ergo crowdfunding must be bad” 😀

  • Paul Marks

    Not at all Perry.

    If you actually read what I wrote you will see that I was amused that Crowd Funding was being used AGAINST the R.T. people who advocate it.

  • Mr Ed

    I see what Perry was getting at, can we crowdfund a ‘tease detector’ for the Sage of Kettering?

  • Paul Marks

    Perry was getting at nothing Mr Ed – as he did not seem to have read what I said. Or he may have been joking (hence the icon).

    Tim – RT does not advocate “Russian crowd funding schemes” any more than it advocates an “Occupy Movement” for Russia.

    My point (a rather obvious one) was amusement that a scheme that they have so long advocated could be used to kill some of their own allies (sadly it is unlikely to kill the actual RT personalities).

    Of course (unlike “Occupy”) crowd funding is a COMMERCIAL method – it is entirely neutral as regards politics.

  • As Mr. Ed indicates, of course I was teasing you Paul, hence the 😀

    As it happens I do know of a quite reputable Russian games company that is considering crowdfunding a project. I will be interested to see if they go through with it, and they might even have the ‘rep’ to overcome the fact they are in Russia 😉

  • Alsadius

    Public subscriptions for major national ventures are not new. Time was when rich men would raise and equip military forces on their own.

  • Paul Marks

    Alsadius – quite so.

    And then lead them also.

    For example, whatever one may think of Cardigan as a solder, he not only paid for the uniforms of the Light Brigade – he led their charge himself (in spite of thinking the attack was folly).

    Later “educated soldiers” ordered attacks whilst staying well to rear personally.

    By the way……

    I do know that Captain Nolan was actually in front of Cardigan of the charge as it started (and was then killed) – indeed that Captain Nolan may have understood that the Light Brigade was charging the wrong guns (the only ones they could actually see – the ones at the end of the “valley of death” with Russian forces on both sides and in front of them) – the guns of the main Russian army (not the British guns being dragged away by the Russians, that General Raglan wanted recaptured).

    As for General Lucan his feud with Cardigan (the two men could not even talk to each other) did not help the heal the confusion.

    Still the “mad” Ulsterman of the Heavy Brigade managed to make sure the battle was a victory for British arms – although they also violated good tactics.

    Charging up hill – and outnumbered, against the main body of the Russian cavalry.

    Still it is O.K. to do unconventional things – IF they work.

  • Mr Ed

    Well look at this cheap fighter from the USA, no government funding for its design, and it is flying within 23 months.

  • Paul Marks

    The Scorpion may be bought by the Texas Air Force (if only Texas would be sensible enough to secede).

    Also Israel should consider it (if it can be made under license) – after all after the inevitable ground operation in Gaza (most likely within days – if not tomorrow morning) there will be an international firestorm of condemnation, which Mr Obama may well use (“never let a crises go to waste” – ironically said by an Obama man who once served in the IDF) to cut off the military relationship with Israel.

    Israel will need to buy (or build) much cheaper fighter aircraft.