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Fidel Castro lived like Louis XV, claims his ex-bodyguard, wrongly

… Wrongly, for Castro is no Louis le bien aimé. The French royal personage whose mode of life was closest to that of Comrade Fidel before senility overtook him was Marie Antoinette, who played at being a milkmaid and a shepherdess in the Queen’s Hamlet built for her in the gardens of Le Petit Trianon. As the Queen found refuge from the demands of court life by milking cows into buckets of Sèvres porcelain in the company of her dear friend and confidante the Princesse de Lamballe, so the First Secretary

“enjoyed a private island, Cayo Piedra, south of the Bay of Pigs, scene of the failed CIA-sponsored invasion of 1961 . . . a “garden of Eden” where he entertained selected guests including the writer Gabríel Garcia Márquez, and enjoyed spear-fishing.”

Sharing that simple pleasure, they talked about books and the nature of absolute power.

5 comments to Fidel Castro lived like Louis XV, claims his ex-bodyguard, wrongly

  • Paul Marks

    A lot of nonsense is talked of “the Austrian lady” – although the Queen did have some odd ways, they were the Rousseau fashion of the time.

    I rather like the place the French Royal family used to live in before Louie XIV built the palace of V.

    But then I prefer castles to palaces – I always have.

    As for the Castro brothers – degenerates.

    However, “Social Justice” is believed in by all the Latin American governments (and the government of the United States also).

    There are only three conservative governments in all of Latin America (all very recently elected).

    Guatemala, Honduras and Paraguay.

    All the rest BASICALLY agree with the poor-against-rich ideology of the Castro brothers and Obama.

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    A lot of nonsense is talked of “the Austrian lady”

    One can see why the average half-starved actual peasant took offence at her playacting. However I do grant that as far as I know she never killed anyone, unlike Castro. What a pity that she got the chop after seeing the head of her friend the equally clueless but innocent Princesse de Lamballe stuck on a pike and waved at her window whereas the infinitely more guilty Castro will die in bed.

  • Runcie Balspune

    The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which

  • Julie near Chicago

    Runcie, did you have to drag Orwell into it? *grin*

    In the case of Cuba, dammit, I can tell you which is which. Andy Garcia, man. Castros, F&P, pigs, no, insulting to pigs. Warthogs. Probably insulting to them too.

  • Jacob

    So, Castro, beside being a mass murderer, was/is also a hypocrite ? Oh, the horror!